Monday, September 30, 2013

31 days of Processing the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker

The Nester holds a blog link up each year during the month of October where people choose a topic and write about it every day for 31 days.

I have never before participated but decided to this year as I have been "mulling over" my response to reading the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker, since June and I would love to have more of a "dialogue" with others about it as various thoughts swirl through my head. 

I know this "button" is all blurry.  I didn't have it in me to try to learn button making as I've been "single parenting" while Adrian's been on a business trip.  

I first began hearing about the book a year or so ago on various blogs I read but will admit that although I was somewhat intrigued I didn't really *want* to read it because I feared it might be too uncomfortable, too convicting, lead to too much *change*.  My husband can tell you that I don't tend to be a big fan of change!

I'm not really sure what finally made me want to read it but once I wanted to, I really did want to read it and I got on the waiting list for a chance at it from my library.  I started out WAY down the list - at least #19 or something like that.  

I'll tell you more about finally getting it and beginning to read it tomorrow.  My goal is to write a little bit about my "processing" through this book and the ideas that it presented to me each day in October.  I will also still hopefully do some non "7" related posts too.  

So regular readers, I hope you are up for this "departure" from "regular programming" and those of you coming over via the link on Nesting Place, welcome!

So, I'm curious, have any of you read the book?  

Be back tomorrow.  

If you're interested, stay tuned over the course of the month for what clothing items were my "cheater" items, what I missed the most, what stressed me out the most (it was different than what I would have thought) and more!



Sarah B said...

OK, I've heard lots about this book and don't "want" to read it either :( I'm afraid of what it'll make me face! But - from what I know of it, I should. Excess is one of the words I always use to describe the USA. It's so evident when you go anywhere else in the world that we are WAY too comfortable (and expectant of) excess. So, I'll read your thoughts and see if it can convince me to read the book. No pressure.

Rachel said...

Looking forward to this series. I've read the book and it was convicting, but I only had 2 days to read it so I'd love to read it again to take more time to process it. Perhaps I should put it on hold at the library again (my turn finally came up and I couldn't get to the library in the allotted time).

BR said...

never heard of it! sounds cool! look forward to hearing you process it. maybe i'll request it from the library... missed your phone call the other night too.. :(