Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hatch green chile season!

Do you remember this post?

My second post ever!

Fun to look back on that.

Well once again it is Hatch green chile season.

Adrian, wonderful husband that he is, did the work of putting up our 30 pounds of green chiles for this year. Then he made homemade green chile cheese bread that was to die for!

Check it out!

um, YUM!!!

What's your favorite thing you've eaten this week?



Jenni said...

yum! my sis made breakfast ring and sheath cake for my mom's bday this weekend....both favorites!

Karen said...

I found Hatch Enchilada Sauce in the King Sooper here in town. I don't remember ever seeing that before. Favorite thing I ate this week......Aunt Kim's pralines.

Deborah said...

YUM!! I need that recipe!

I am cooking again for the first time in over a month. We have had people bringing us food and it has been so wonderful! I'll let you know if I make anything great.

For now, the best thing I've eaten in the past week were these new taco-things at Chili's with ranch sauce on them. They were really good.

Gina said...

Oh my goodness!! Kelly, that looks incredible!! I do remember that post and have been obsessed with finding fresh green chilis, to put up, ever since :)

If you care to share, I'm sure many of us out in blog land would LOVE to have that bread recipe...

Debi said...

Probably the Chicago deep dish pizza that we had this past weekend while we were visiting there. I sure miss it!

Kim said...

Next time ya'll are here for a family dinner, I am requesting some of that bread!

BR said...

Kelly - check it out! The Pioneer woman made a blog post today about a recipe with hatch chilies and bacon! Perhaps adrian and that recipe are MFEO! She promised the recipe would come soon.

BR said...

You probably know this all already, but here is another interesting pioneer woman post about how to roast chilies.