Thursday, August 27, 2009

happy birthday, Mandy!

Today is my sweet sister-in-law, Mandy's birthday!!

We had a surprise birthday party for her back in February on her HALF birthday! Sneaky, huh?

A whole ton of her friends were there plus her parents,
grandparents, cousin and Adrian and I came into town.
It was so much fun getting to surprise her!

We themed the party around coffee.

Such fun!

My mom and I waiting for the guest of honor to arrive.


The cakes!

My mom's specialty coconut sour cream cakes.

The family blowing out the birthday candles.

love you, Mandy and Jer and Caleb!

Have a very happy birthday, Mandy!!!



Debi said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Kelly--I heard it was a great party!

Mandy Gibson said...

Thanks, Kel! Did you and your mom plan to put the same picture up? I love it! Wish you were here!

Karen said...

It's so much fun that we do things like put the same picture up! I loved walking down memory lane with the 1/2 Birthday party. Wish you were here to have birthday dinner with us tonight. Love you.

rebecca said...

Your mom makes coconut sour cream cakes? She's even cooler than I thought she was!

Sandy said...

Yay for coffee, party time and FUN!
I LOVE the pix of your and your Mama!
Miss you!