Friday, August 7, 2009


My sweet friend, Jacquie, commented that my pictures of Alaska all looked so peaceful.
I was so glad she said that because I hadn't consciously thought that yet but it does sum up our vacation really well. There was excitement, joy and hilarity as well and also some minor disappointment (for instance, when our ferry ride from Juneau to Sitka got cancelled on us) but the pervading sense was peacefulness.

I am so thankful to our Father, God, for providing us with peace,
a time to get away and connect with others and with Him and for taking care
of all of our needs even when things like ferry cancellations happened.

So, I leave you with some photos that portray peacefulness.

Top photo: tiny pinecone and new growth on the mosquito cove trail at Starrigavan

beautiful, little waterfall mosquito cove, Starrigavan, Sitka, Alaska

lake from our hike on our first Saturday
(maybe you can help me with the name, Betty?)

edited to add: Betty told me that this is no lake but the Pacific Ocean itself!
How cool is that? Wow!

same lake, strike that, ocean! The water was SO very clear.

beautiful sunlight on the mosquito cove trail

stately trees at Starrigavan


BR said...

Awesome pictures, Kelly!! We hiked the Beaver Lake Trail that first weekend. So pretty! We went out early this morning and saw a little family of three bears! (I guess Goldilocks was back at their house while they were out fishing.) It was amazing. I'm so glad you got to see bear while you were here too!

BR said...

Kelly!! You are SOO PRECIOUS!! I misunderstood your question earlier. Sorry. We hiked the Beaver Lake trail on Sunday but the "lake" that we hiked that is pictured in this posting of yours on Saturday, happens to be The Pacific Ocean! Can you believe it!?!? People ask me that SAME question on every hiking tour that I lead on the Mosquito Cove trail. Its pretty fun living on the Ocean - its even more fun when friends come and visit us here on the ocean!

Miss G said...

Who knew we were looking at the ocean!!! Thanks, Betty. So cool! Kelly

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

You know, when I think of Alaska (I've never been there) I automatically envision a peaceful, splendorous place. I think the grandeur of nature must inspire a peaceful awe!

Karen said...

Beautiful PEACE. Just curious, is mosquito cove aptly named?