Monday, February 21, 2011

taste test

Dial or Ivory?

hmmm . . .

My oh my what are we going to do if he ever needs his "mouth washed out with soap?"
He seems to enjoy the stuff.

In other tasting news, we can eat wheat again! We were able to see an allergist last week and he told us that the next step now that the eczema is under control is to begin re-introducing things and watching. We get to eat wheat all week! Hooray! What a blessing!

Happy Monday!



Candace said...

how cute! and congrats on narrowing down the culprit(s) for the exzema. i'm sure you are relieved to know something.

Karen said...

This is just too cute. At least he likes soap that is 99.9% Pure.

Rebekah said...

Hey Kelly. So I have to admit I didn't know what to think when a random person writes on my blog but then I realized it was a siesta sister! So I just happened to be your random selection? I found myself this round having a hard time getting my memory verse up but now I am back on schedule. Thanks for the encouragement!

Deborah said...

Don't worry about ever having to wash his mouth out, because I'm sure he will NEVER EVER say anything he's not supposed to say...(here's hoping).

What precious pictures!!

Melissa Jackson said...


I'm glad that you are narrowing down the allergy and getting to slowly add things back in. Great news!