Saturday, October 15, 2011

afternoon painting with David

I like pinterest a lot.

I want to be a doer and not just a pinner though.

Breanna over at No One Has More Fun did this fun painting activity with her little guy.

I decided to try it with David.

I did it on the shower door rather than on a sliding door because I just wanted to be absolutely sure no paint ended up on the carpet (our sliding doors are in a carpeted room).

I think he may be just a bit too young for it because it didn't hold his attention for very long at all.

We'll try it again one day but it was fun to do instead of just pin.


Mrs. Adams said...

Good for you for trying it! I feel the same way with Pinterest sometimes...I get busy pinning all sort of good ideas and realize there is no point if I don't actually do some of them! :) I hope your little one will enjoy it later when he's a little older or maybe just another day. Adding more paint makes it extra squishy too...or add something in with the paint like hair gel or shampoo. My little guy tends to play with it more when there is more in the bag and the goo is thicker and easier to push around. Hope your day is blessed!

Kori said...

You can also try it with shaving cream and some food coloring.:-) And a small zip baggie at the table. Try putting clear packing tape across the opening to ensure no leaks. :-) Fun!

Melissa Jackson said...

What a great idea!

Karen said...

What a fun activity. And you have to teach me how to do the screen shots.

Julie said...

Fun idea! I love the shaving cream and food coloring or hair gel suggestions too. I think Ori would like it. Thanks for sharing!!

(I am sending you an email about the playdough)

BR said...

you are a doer, kelly!
more than most anyone i know.
a doer and a pinner!
in the meantime, can I just count pinning as doing? I'm too tired to do much more than pin!
will call you today on a break, got your message last night.

jennyc said...

So fun that you pinned that. We did that too and both boys have enjoyed it. It was fun watching Colton figure out what colors mix together to make a new one.