Wednesday, September 5, 2012

day three

I know this photo is blurry but I had to include it to show how we were in crazy college backpacker mode, except wait, we had a two year old with us!  ha!

David made up this particular riding on the suitcase mode of transport earlier this summer all on his own and he loves it and gets upset when he can't do it.  It gets TONS of attention in airports, etc. 

Breakfast of champions in Germany - a nice big pretzel!  Mama had a cheesy one.  ummmmm . . . 

After a day of walking around we were off to the train station to get ready for our next leg.  I was sad to discover that the little bakery stand that had been there in my college days had been replaced by lots of new shiny food stands of all types.  Oh well.  We still managed to find some nice things for the train.  

I was so happy we went through Cologne and I got to spot this cathedral out the train window.  When I was in Europe in college, I woke up from my train car bed in the middle of the night one night and stepped out into the hall to see this beauty with snow falling down all around it!  A sweet memory that is burned into my mind forever.  

More adventures to come!  



Jenni said...

ingenious little guy!

love that Adrian takes photos of you AND that you post them on the many mama blogs I read never actually show the mama! :-)

Karen said...

Such fun to relive memories.

BR said...

I agree w jenni! Great mama pic!