Thursday, May 9, 2013

just for fun

since I've been posting so much baby stuff, I thought I'd just post an old photo for fun.  

Here's one from our wedding that I don't think has ever made it to the blog.  

I don't know what I was saying/doing exactly but I really like this photo of my mom and I as I was getting ready before my wedding.  

And in baby news, since that is kind of what is consuming our days (and nights!) right now, sweet Cora gave her tired Mama a nearly 5 hour stretch of sleep last night!  Good job, baby girl!!



Karen said...

Love this photo. Love those memories.

BR said...

a great mothers day weekend tribute!
what a great photo.
there is karen at your feet, serving her baby still.
baby cora! good job sleeping, sweetie!
keep up the good work!
love you guys!