Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I know it is not officially, officially summer but it feels like summer.  

Preschool is over for the year, the temps are warm, we are grilling and traveling.  

One of the things I love about our house is that in the summer we hear the sounds of doves.  We have been in our house three years this past weekend so the first months we spent here were summer months.  
The sounds of the doves bring sweet memories of that summer.  

What says "summer" at your house?


dove photo by Adrian


Karen Gibson said...

Open Windows says summer at our house. That's one of the many reasons I love Colorado.

lee woo said...

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Sharon Wang said...

The sound of the attic fan says summer to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky because now I've got a whole new view on this. I didn't realize that this issue was so important and so universal.


Cindy Dy said...

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lee woo said...

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