Friday, May 15, 2015

ball of fluff

taken right before I ruthlessly pulled them and a bunch of others out of the ground . . . It's a shame that they are so invasive because they really are beautiful in their yellow glory as well as their puffball stage!  



Sharon Wang said...

My kids keep insisting that Dandelions are FLOWERS! I keep insisting they are WEEDS that need to be destroyed.

Lori said...

Definatley a great childhood memory for me!

Kori said...

I saw the title and thought maybe y'all had acquired a pet. :-) My younger kids' favorite memory of visiting Aunt Bethany and family on Ohio is picking all of the dandelions! The kids politely asked if they could pick the flowers and Uncle Jared eagerly agreed. They probably actually only scattered more seeds, but it was pretty cute!