Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Bible for a Reader

I wanted to choose a Bible to give to David now that he is reading.  I wanted him to have his very own Bible as we begin our formal schooling years.  

I got the idea from a dear friend to have a treasure hunt on the first day of school and to give David a Bible as the treasure at the end.  

I went to the store to see what was on offer. 

I wanted a Bible that had large print and that had a lot of spacing between the lines of text as that is what he needs to read well right now.  

I found all of these options (I would have also included the Beginners Bible but we already have that one and I wanted this to be something special and new for him.)

There were things I really liked about all of these story Bible options.  The one I picked though was the Big Picture Story Bible.  I loved how it told the story of God's plan for the world and redemption as a whole and I predict David will like the bookmark.  



Mandy said...

love it!

BR said...

A treasure indeed! So glad he is armed with the sword! Let the sword drills begin!