Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Home Tour - welcome in

The Nester is having her annual Christmas Tour of Homes today.  I have joined in several times in the past and when I was single and had lots of time free for reading blogs I remember looking forward to this day and looking at home after home!  

I don't have as much time these days between parenting and teaching my kids but I wanted to join in the fun.  I am going to post a room at a time and hope that I get more than just this one post in today but we will see.  

We had a lovely snowfall last night!  David, my 5 1/2 year old took this picture of me in front of our home.  I am participating in Dressember all this month to raise awareness and funds for International Justice Mission and A21 who are on the front lines working to educate those most vulnerable to becoming victims of human trafficking so that it can be prevented as well as seeking, finding, rescuing and providing aftercare for those who have been trafficked.  If you are interested in supporting me as I wear a dress every day of December in order to raise funds for these wonderful organizations, please email me at sundrenchedmoments @ gmail . com (link in sidebar as well)

The JOY sign is a new decoration that I made this year.  I dug a piece of wood out of the garage that was formerly a shelf in our linen closet before I revamped that space to make it more useable.  I have had the wreath for many years and had acrylic paint on hand as well as glitter!  

inspiration here and here

Once you step inside you are greeted with the merry jangle of bells!  This is one of David's contributions to our Christmas decorations.  He has appointed our house as a Christmas Museum and this alerts him when we have a customer.  :)  

I hope you are having a very merry Christmas season and a warm and cozy day today!  



Ashli K said...

I always loved stopping by your house, it was always so welcoming and I loved the eclectic decorations. I can't wait to see more of your Christmas Tour. :) Love your dress for today, I finally pulled out my long wool skirt. We don't have any snow but it's pretty wet and chilly and it was hard not to put on my jeans today.

Karen Gibson said...

Just a note to anyone who might be reading this. I tried to visit the Gibson Christmas museum last week, but the curator (David) told me that it was only open on Mondays.

However, he also told me that unlike most museums, you can go in EVERY room in this museum.

Great tour Kelly!

Sharon Wang said...

I noticed that JOY sign in front of your house right away. I wondered if you made it - LOVE it! Great job!