Friday, May 6, 2016

around here lately . . .

Just wanting to capture some memories of life right now . . . 

We got to go to David's art show at his one day a week school and see his interpretation of Georgia O'Keefe's work.  

Cora built a giant tower!  

David has been very interested in cooking and "plating" food creatively lately.  He wanted this dinner to be in rows.  

I got to teach David's Bible class one Sunday morning and we played a "dart board" game to review with velcro wrapped ping pong balls.  

These key lime mini cakes were pretty tempting at Costco but I passed them up.

I did make rosemary rice krispie treats for a girls' night!  

They were super yummy!  

Keeping my house picked up has felt like a battle lately.  After a morning of "resetting" I snapped this picture to capture the moment.  

As we did our music lesson the other day "Baby" decided to play along.  :)


the Whitelaws said...

Keeping the house picked up - the struggle is real! It's easier when one goes off to school. Not looking forward to the mess when they're home all summer.

Sharon Wang said...

So fun to see what you all are up to via pictures and captions!

Mandy said...

those rice crispies WERE super yummy!