Saturday, September 10, 2016


Things I want to remember about this time:

1.  Whatever David and I are doing for school, Cora wants to be in the thick of it.  As he was practicing writing numerals and completing patterns of numbers (counting by twos, evens and odds, even backwards!) she was drawing on the big easel pad.  She would say "one" and draw a line segment, then she would say "two" and draw another line segment connected to the first and she kept on until she had an interesting shape with several sides!  David really wanted her to close the shape by connecting the lines at the opening so finally she did.  

2. I have found a math curriculum that I am really liking so far.  The Critical Thinking Company's Mathematical Reasoning.  So far we have a copy through Inter-Library Loan (love that service!!!) and we are laying a transparency over the student pages for him to complete with a marker so we don't mark in the book.  I am hoping to find a good used copy by the time we have to return this one!

3.  Cora picked out this outfit herself and I love that she is interested in matching!  (although mis-matched outfits can be awfully cute too)  

4.  Hooray for bare piggy toes and messy buns and paint on our ankles from lots of creativity.  

5.  Noticing the brain quest cards in the corner from David's and my after school date to Chick-fil-a to share a 4 piece nugget kids' meal (David is still so jazzed to be able to eat the dairy nuggets - the original breaded ones as opposed to the grilled!)

What is your favorite thing to order at Chick-fil-a?  
Are you sad about the disappearance of the spicy chicken biscuit on their breakfast menu?

Happy Saturday!



Kim said...

Sharing a 4 piece nugget meal? I don't even share my 12 piece nuggets :-)

Karen Gibson said...

When Cora gets ready for first grade, I predict you'll be needing to teacher her algebra because she has learned so much from her brother's lessons.

Mandy said...

So glad you found something that is working for math!!

Mindy Shearer said...

So, has David outgrown his dairy allergy?!?