Friday, November 11, 2016

bathroom progress!

This has been a HUGE project but we really are SO close to being done.  

awesome storage in this cabinet full of drawers in the wall and at the bottom . . . my husband's BRILLIANT idea . . . the laundry chute!!!!

I am loving this niche . . . one of my big wishlist items that my sweet husband and MIL made a reality for me.  And this quote . . . SO MUCH TRUTH!! 

sink and countertop!!!  

and a faucet!!

already a great place to play :) 

art on the walls and almost done!!!  


BR said...

your bathroom looks awesome!!!!
so proud of you guys!!

the Whitelaws said...

Looks amazing!

Kori said...

Did your wonderful man create those wall drawers/laundry chute or were you able to buy them somewhere? Those are wonderful!

EvelynR said...

Oh wow!! The bathroom looks amazing. It's very clean, modern yet sweet. I'm completely taken with the nook and the built-in drawers. Well done!