Friday, March 10, 2017

ten on ten - March 2017



bed making



lunching outside

homemade granola making

sharing reading





We love frozen fruit from Costco!

Taking the time to read a book in the bathroom after most meals is what is working for us right now. So thankful for a pretty bathroom to be spending the time in AND we are getting in more reading aloud time so win/win right?!

Making beds and tidying rooms is NOT a strong point at our house!  We do laundry together nearly daily like champs but I'm just not sure what time of day to make this a priority.  Our days feel full already between meals, schoolwork, reading aloud and just having lots of time for PLAY!  It is so important.  I'm interested in hearing any tips + tricks you have!!

And while we are not great at picking up, we are pretty expert in making  messes.  :) 

Cora playing downstairs in our family room.  Our preschool is TRULY the best!  Her preschool teacher sent home with each kid a paper "Mt. Sinai" that they painted and folded and stapled and a fluffy tissue paper cloud like the one that God used to lead the children of Israel.  There were also folded paper tents for the Israelites to live in, etc.  We added our vintage Fisher Price Little People and she was busy for quite a while acting the story out that she learned from her amazing teacher!

The kids really love to eat outside.  It is good for their immune systems and allergies also to mix a little dirt, twigs and leaves in with their food.  ;)

In a continual effort to keep from eating sugary foods at least three times a day and to keep our grocery budget down so we can spend money on travel and other fun things, I tried my hand at making my own granola after reading about my friend Rachel doing it on instagram.  It wasn't nearly as time consuming/tricky as I thought and dates cut up into it were plenty sweet enough for me without adding other sweeteners.  And making it look cute only adds to the fun.  :) 

Can I just say that I love her in those overalls and that stickers on furniture has long (like pre-kids) been a big pet peeve of mine?  But him reading to her out of his really cool habitat book that he made at our one day a week classical homeschool academy was super sweet indeed!

This spring has wrought a new habit of me taking late afternoon walks while Adrian is finishing up work, Cora is napping and David is reading/playing legos in his room.  I have really been drawn into listening to podcasts.  Happy Hour with Jaime Ivey is one of my regulars as is That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs. I am really thankful to be regularly exercising again.  This is the most consistent I've been since my Jazzercise days pre-marriage.

Tricep work in front of the washi tape collection.  :) 
Adrian and I have also been doing some strength training together - different things but at the same time.  It is just a short snippet - less than 15 minutes a day but good time spent together and taking care of ourselves.  

Piles of folded laundry ready to be put away after my little monkey finishes hanging on our trapeze!  A Christmas gift from Nana and Ducca, this has proven to be an amazing asset in our home this winter/spring.  The kids have taught themselves so many different ways of using it and strengthened their bodies.  They have gained confidence and just have so much fun on it.  

I am really thankful for our life and our ordinary days at home.


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