Sunday, August 27, 2017

what a wonderful week

 It is easy to get to the end of a week and feel like "we made it".  I am trying to be intentional to look back at the weeks that are making up our lives and see all the ways that God continues to be faithful in our family, to see the things that went well, to relive it in a way, savoring and appreciating what we have in this season!

hand me down silver glitter jellies!    Cora LOVES them both because of how they look and that they make little "clicking" sounds on hard surfaces as she walks.  :)  I remember liking that too.  

Sweet friends loaned a princess book to us that Cora is just devouring!

Talking about congruent figures for math -  Lovely quilts that we have been given provided great examples!

For history this year, in addition to many picture books from the library simply "because" and traveling, we are also using Beautiful Feet Books.  We are really enjoying it so far!

We are currently learning about Leif Erikson and we made a Viking dinner!  I simply googled "what did Vikings eat?" and discovered a ton of fascinating information.  They ate meat almost daily - reindeer, fish, bear, pork, beef, mutton and wild chicken.  They ate cabbage, pickled items, cheese, made cornbread . . . Boiled meat stews tended to be the centerpiece of their meals.  So I made a chicken and cabbage stew flavored with three of the spices that they used - coriander, mustard and cumin.  It was really, really good!  

Thankful for my instantpot!

Cora helped me make cornbread and "hardtack" since they were also sailors.  We all really liked the hardtack recipe actually!  

We didn't have a lot of pickled food in the house so we had dill pickles :) and two kinds of cheeses.  

I served the hard tack in a cloth bag - a panier!  From the Latin for bread, pane, this word that we know as a carrier on our bike took on new meaning as a bread carrier!  

First experience with copywork!  I am excited to be beginning this.  I am using my acrylic cookbook holder to make copying out of the book easier.  This week it was one verse from Jeremiah.  

Our Viking dinner

(I'm sure they had polka dot glasses, don't you think?!) 

laying out backpacks and clothes the day before - Cora is very particular about what she wears now!  My days of picking out her clothes are over.  We have made an agreement that everyday I give her two choices and she picks between those. 

Cora at preschool enjoying sand + shaving cream and Mama and Daddy on a lunch date to Fuzzy's!  

on Saturday we biked to a bike carnival and we all enjoyed different games and things!  Cora was ready to compete wearing her favorite dress right now!  

David got a few records, this one for longest distance. 

Cora neatly ringed the cone with the bicycle tire. 

We are thankful for our community and so many things about our life!  


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Karen Gibson said...

What a wonderful week. I especially love that picture of Cora looking up and to the side and the one of David busy with his copy work.