Monday, January 8, 2018

pretty homes and white space

Anyone else purging and organizing like crazy??

Hoping I can keep it up even as we start back to school today but I know from experience that usually teaching & keeping us all fed + the life training that comes along with being a family (hello, I'm looking at you, rooting out selfish behaviors and sharp words particularly in these colder months when we are all inside together more) are usually more than enough to keep me busy in any given day, but we'll see.  

I've been challenging myself to get rid of half of what is in any given drawer, box, etc.  I am really enjoying having white space in my storage areas.  

I am also realizing that all of the decor I collected at Canton, antique stores and estate sales over a good 15 years or so from about 2000-2015 no longer really fits my style . . . hmmmm.  

I'm okay with that but also thinking about how to still have beautiful things in my home without spending a bunch/contributing to the "fast fashion" of home decor.  

Any thoughts??


happy little corner of my home filled with a sweet gift from a dear friend!  


Melissa said...

Love this! (of course!)
I just recently linked my love of margin in our days to my love of having margin (aka white space) in my home. :)
I feel like I can take deep breaths again!

the Whitelaws said...

Yes, I want to do this too. What I really need is for my children to want to do this! And, I need the white space in my calendar to make this happen. Good food for thought today.

Jenni said...

It is hard when your style changes over time....I'm discovering mine is changing too. I'm surprisingly not having a hard time letting things go, unless there is sentiment attached.

Something about undecorating for Christmas makes me appreciate the open-ness and white space more.

I finally sold the rocking chair I carried on my head to the car at Canton when we and Jenny Conley went -- it served a purpose for a while, but was never super comfortable and it was noisy! Sold it at a semi-annual consignment resale this fall for the same I paid for it 10+ years ago!