Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mint Chocolate Cupcakes!

They're in process right now! Pictures to follow!

Don't you just love an afternoon of cool breezes floating in through the open window, some good music on the stereo, a vintage apron tied around your waist and yummy things cooking up? I do and they seem to happen far and few between so it's time to seize the moments and savor the feel of it!

Better go check on my water to see if it's boiling. I'm actually going all out and using a double boiler after a momentary debate with myself over following the recipe or resorting to the microwave. Usually the microwave wins out and actually the debate doesn't even happen, it's just a given, but it's a beautiful fall day as mentioned and I'm using the Anne of Green Gables cookbook of all things! Double boiler won out. :)

These are the cupcakes I am attempting to emulate:

On one of my trips to St. Louis in August/September, A met me at the airport as usual and told me he had a surprise for me in the car. This box of AMAZING looking cupcakes was sitting on my seat with his name written on the bakery box in a funky script. That was fun to me too to see his name that way. I'm not sure why exactly but it was.

He got them at The Cupcakery in St. Louis on the way to the airport and we thought they were super! So, this is what I'm trying to do, we'll see how they turn out! I just took them out of the oven and they smell heavenly!

We're eating up some of those green chilies we put up with tamales and tortillas for dinner and then I'll commence to the icing!

Back to the beginning: Here are all of my ingredients set out, measured and ready to go. I learned this technique from Bob and Melinda Blanchard in their tome Cook What You Love. I recommend that book as well as their book A Trip to the Beach.

This method really seems to streamline things to me and make cooking more efficient and enjoyable! Plus I get to enjoy using lots of my pretty kitchen things. Mandy, thanks so much for the little glass bowls! They're terrific! If anyone who is planning to ask me for a Christmas list . . . aka Mom, is reading this, :) I wouldn't mind some new wooden spoons and a vintage clear glass footed measuring cup. :)

I don't know if you're like me, but I'm sometimes tempted to think that other's lives are just nearly perfect or at least quite peachy from reading their accounts in blogland. Nothing against anyone at all because don't we all like to talk about the good things? I just wanted to make sure that all of my readers know that my life is full of mistakes that keep things interesting along the way. Take for instance this "one of these things is not like the others" cupcake shot. Yep, ran out of frosting, no butter to make more and so there you have it, one smeary icing cupcake! :)

Here they are with the Andes mints on top and I actually like the one with the two halves better but at first thought it was the "mistake" cupcake.



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Karen said...

Can't wait to see the photos. Hope they don't follow the route of German Chocolate Cake #1.

Karen said...

You had me ending my day with a good hearty laugh with your "one of these things is not like the others" cupcake line. Yes, you are funny and also a good dancer....don't tell your brother. And.....who told you you should have bought the footed antique measuring cup?????

Regina said...

Ok, those look AMAZING!!! You now have me searching the internet for that cookbook.... Anytime there are Andes Mints involved, I'm on board ;o)