Sunday, October 21, 2007

State Fair of Texas!

hot from the oven orange cranberry muffins in a picnic basket
car conversation
driving out of the city - getting into the country
seeing horses, windmills, trees, ponds, riding with the windows down on dirt roads
stopping at a yard sale and a junk dealer

munching on trail mix
wandering into the little town of Quinlan, TX where A was sweet to let me wander the main drag of antiques stores
finding treasures! including a Missouri state plate with a great pink border for my collection and a present for Marcella (sorry, you'll have to wait and be surprised!:)
meandering our way to Royse City, TX and stumbling upon their town fair where we got a barbecue sandwich and walked around
crossing back over Lake Ray Hubbard into "civilization"
feeling the breeze on our faces and my feet as I stuck them out the window! :)
both yelling, "Bahama Bucks!" at the same time and immediately deciding we should stop for snowcones
trying the candy corn snowcone flavor which AMAZINGLY tasted like the real thing!
settling on amaretto and pineapple and cherry lime cola
going to another yard sale
finding a nice park in Rowlett, trying to climb a tree, I got stuck and scared of all the caterpillars (which I was convinced would sting and be poisonous) and ants and A had to help me get down

ALL THAT!!! before we headed here!

The Great State Fair of Texas! We had a super time and did the fair right. We rode the TRE train in much to A's delight coming from a train buff family as he does, toured the petting zoo "barn" where we saw baby bison (Hail to thee beloved Harding!), baby zebras, a sheep so woolly I don't know how it could see, water buffalo which A and I paid some homage to seeing as how they are the source of buffalo mozzarella which we love so much and this:

Isn't he cute???

We also saw the city of cards. Amazing! This is all made from stacking cards! Wow! Good job, Bryan Berg!

We wandered through the Midway several times, enjoyed the Bird Show!!!, saw the Silver Thistle drum and bagpipe band, watched bull riding up close and personal, saw the pig races, enjoyed some of the Third Day concert and ate!
We decided to go all out and sample the delicacies of this year's fair.

Fried pb and j with banana! YUM!
Fried cookie dough, double YUM!! (thanks for the tip, Deborah!)
Fried guacamole, Fried queso and Fried avacado (we got the mixed basket!) :) all quite yummy

So fun!

We also saw my friends, Lindsey, Holly and Beth and Holly's parents and brother, a couple of people from church and Katie who I really wish had told me to go right back into the food and fiber pavillion and see her red and blue ribbon!!! Congratulations, Katie! I read it on your blog tonight. You never cease to amaze and inspire me! And to think, I spent a whole summer scrapbooking on a ping pong table with a blue ribbon scrapbooker! So cool!

It was all in all a completely wonderful Saturday and boy were we whooped when we made it to the end of the day! Hope everyone else had a great weekend! K


Jenni said...

Oh my goodness.....that sounds like the busiest day ever! But such fun memories.... :-)

Karen said...

This has been such a busy week that I am just getting back to your blog. You are a gifted writer...and that's not just a mom talking. Love the photos. Hope I'm spelling this correctly (I miss spell check) it looks like a quintessential autumn weekend.

Marcella said...

Sonds like so much fun.

what could you have bought???? I'll be excited for Valentine's Day to find out.

You know I love you, because I have never been inspired to leave a comment to a blog before. Love you.