Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sacred Threshold

Wow, that was a long gelato break!  Actually, since my last post I got another taste of gelato in St. Louis with my friend Jenny, went to Ben and Jerry's with Adrian and our friends Marla and Trey, made (and ate!) rocky road sundaes from the recipe in my cookbook from the Serendipity III restaurant in NYC, and have consumed not a small amount of ice cream from my own personal stash of Ben and Jerry's pints in my freezer!  Whew! 

But you didn't really come here to read about my ice cream eating habits, now did you?  :)  

I am excited to be back to blogging after my long break!  

I wanted to tell you about the best wedding related book!  Thank you, Mindy, for telling me about Sacred Threshold by Gertrud Mueller Nelson and Christopher Witt!  It is really, really good.  I got it from my library's inter-library loan program which I have now learned is ILL to all of the cool people out there who know how to ILL.  :)  

I have greatly enjoyed flipping through and reading many a bridal magazine, book or especially blog recently.  I have begun to notice though the "magazine mentality" that I thought I was so immune to.  I mean really, does anyone think real life turns out just like the photos in a magazine?  Well,  it's easy to want that "picture perfectness" and to even think it's "normal" and what "everybody" has.  

This book, Sacred Threshold is a breath of fresh air!  It explains the history and significance behind so many of the customs that surround weddings and just gives you a chance to decide if it will really bring meaning to you and your fiance and your wedding together!  

I want to say so much about it to recommend it to any and all of you readers who may be planning weddings but not feeling able to adequately sum it up at the moment, I will leave you with words from the book itself.  

"Wedding celebrations "work" when everyone present feels brought together - even bound together - in an active, holy, and deeply satisfying undertaking."

"We wrote this book convinced that it is possible to plan and celebrate a wedding in a way that both reflects and enriches your love." 

"You do deserve the best - which has little to do with what money can buy.  You deserve the fondest support, the dearest expressions of love that family and friends can provide.  You deserve the blessings of God.  It is your special day - a special day for you both - but it is also a special day in the lives of everyone who loves you.  And it can be perfect - not flawless, but perfectly wonderful, right, true, joyful - as perfect as our less-than-perfect world allows.  And its perfection is nothing you pay for but exists because of who you are as a couple and because of the Spirit you invite to the wedding."  

Wow!  Isn't that good stuff?  I'd love to know your thoughts!  Kelly


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you liked the book. And reading that quote reminds me that this should be true of all of life too--not just our wedding day. Life isn't "flawless", but it can be "perfectly wonderful, right, true, joyful". It really is all in the attitude. I think I needed that reminder tonight. Thank you for the quote, Kelly. I hope that I will see you next weekend!

Miss G said...

Mindy, thanks so much for the comment. You will see us next weekend! So exciting! Kelly

Karen said...

What a great quote....I'll have to try the ILL to read the book myself. And thanks for the new acronym...I did not know ILL either and I teach in the Library Science Department.

Jenni said...

sounds like such a great way to help keep things in perspective!