Sunday, May 11, 2008

teacher appreciation week

Last week was teacher appreciation week.

I received this lovely rose from a second grade boy and it continues to bring me enjoyment.

God makes beautiful things, doesn't He?

Our PTO brought us these cupcakes with our pictures on top!

And they brought us a little breakfast treat one day with a water bottle with our pic on it, and a little crystal light to go packet, a yogurt and a muffin!

It was a nice week. Tonight is my first grade musical, I also got a strange urge to rearrange my classroom (which I did) and after this week there are only three weeks left of school! Here comes summer! Kelly


Karen said...

Do you have the music to "Here Comes Summer". You need to play that for your kids since dad always played it for you.

Miss G said...

I wish! I would love to have a recording of it but don't. :( Kelly