Saturday, October 18, 2008

honeymoon pics

Happy Saturday everyone!

I know, I know, everyone wants to see wedding pics and I'll get some on here but we're still in the process of making heads or tails out of things around here, loading photos on our computers, needing to charge our overworked cameras so they'll let us load photos, etc.  Have patience, have patience.  

But for your viewing pleasure this lovely Saturday I thought I'd show you some fun shots from last Saturday, our last full day in California


nope, killer whales!

it was amazing!  Adrian took me on a whale watch out of Monterey, CA.  He knows I love whales!  We saw sooo many!  God really blessed our trip and we marveled at these creatures he has made.  So exciting.  We spent 4-5 beautiful hours aboard a ship out at sea on a beautiful, beautiful day!  

I just liked this sign for pelican pizza.  I wish the shadow of the lights wasn't in the picture but what are you gonna do? There was Italian food all over the place in northern California.  We ate in North Beach (San Fran's Little Italy) a couple of times and boy was it yummy!  

There's an old fashioned boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA where we stayed for a couple of nights.   We went last Saturday afternoon and I LOVED it!  It was so neat, just like something out of a book.  This is the GIANT DIPPER that we road.  Our first roller coaster together!  

Finally, pumpkins!  

I have mostly been to CA in the summer and I'm not sure why but I didn't expect to see pumpkin stands all over the place.  To me "fall" and California aren't things that I equate.  I guess I just think of it as endless summer there.  Anyway, of course there is so much agriculture so they have lots of pumpkins. This is from the pumpkin/flower stand where we stopped on our way to the hotel the last night before we flew out on Sunday morning.  They had a big sign that said dozen roses - $5.  Adrian pulled right off the road and bought some for me!  We were on our honeymoon after all!  


Karen said...

What great photos! I'm jealous of all the whales that you got to see. Love hearing about all your happiness.

Angie said...

I love the pictures of the killer whales, how fun!! All of your pics are great, it was so sweet of your hubby to pull over and get you roses!! I can't believe they were only $5!