Monday, October 12, 2009

mama-to-be Monday - something new

While I will not be giving birth to this sweet babe for approximately another six months or so, Lord willing, I am birthing something new very soon.

In two Saturdays, on October 24th, I will be venturing into the land of entrepreneurship.

The process actually has already started as I've been buying and working on my booth of vintage and upcycled items for many months. October 24th is the debut.

I will get to share my treasures with shoppers and I'm really excited.

I will be participating in a craft fair and will have a booth for all of my wares.

Holiday, home decor, candles, accessories, kitchen items, tableware, etc.

So, I'm curious, are any of you entrepreneurs?

I hope you've had a good Monday!



Candace said...

Hey! Looks like you have already put a lot of work into your booth. Good luck with it all!

Yes, I did go to Freed both undergrad and grad. When were you at Harding? My husband was there in 04/05 for a year, my brother there from 04 -08, my brother-in-law from like 92-97. We were just in Searcy this past weekend.

I love small world occurances. Thank you for praying, but apparently God didn't want me to have that job. He just waited a week to let me know. Another interview tomorrow.

Hope your school year is going well!

Deborah said...

Kelly, I love your booth! I so wish I could join you for your sale-day, but I will be in Nashville, holding my brand-new nephew.

(You know, I have to practice holding a newborn before April 15th gets here!!!)

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Your stuff looks great! It will sell like hot cakes.

I'm busy sewing and sewing to participate in my own little craft fair venture... it doesn't take place until early December.

Vanessa {Bloom Right Here!} said...

Oh, you have some fabulous wares. I'm sure you will do great! I've had an antique booth for about three years now. I love it! It is a great creative outlet for me and gives me an excuse to "thrift and junk."

BR said...

painted tropies!? How fun, Kelly!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Good luck Kelly, with your new adventure. Be sure and take a photo of your booth when you get it set up for us to see. It sounds like it is right up your alley.

Have fun,

Sandi said...

How fun, Kelly! I bet you will do great -- you really have a great eye for that sort of thing!!

Ashley said...

How did I miss you being pregnant??? Congratulations!!
Did you post it on your blog????
You will LOVE being pregnant during this part of the year!!!

Rachel said...

How fun! Let us know how the sale went! Looks like you have a great start! I'm sure your stuff will go fast!

Becky said...

What craft fair?? Girl, you've got to sell yourself! :o)

Debra said...

What a fun, new adventure. Looks like you have some neat things.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anna said...

Not an entrepreneur, but I do wish I could browse your booth!

Good luck!

meg duerksen said...

hey are ya?! you are sucha great commenter to me. i really appreciate that.
curious...did you sell that globe?
i am now collecting globes.
how much were you asking? do you ship to kansas? :)