Saturday, November 21, 2009



Mindy S. said...

Oooh! Pretty! It makes me want to go out and buy some new dishes. :-)


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh, how pretty! I love that fabric, is it vintage?

Deborah said...

That is beautiful. Mamaw would be so proud!

The Shirley's said...

I love all bright colors!!

Anonymous said...

very pretty, Kelly! I like your taste!

BR said...

i come demanding more detail about your lovely table setting! i will not rest until my concerns are addressed!

Miss G said...

Apparently there is much interest in this table setting. Betty, in particular is very insistent. :)

I bought the fabric for 50 cents I think at a "flea market" aka parking lot sale at a store I like to go to sometimes called Junkadoodle.

Judging from the seam on one side I think it used to be a window valance. :) I use it as a table runner. :)

Last year in Pittsburgh at my mother-in-law's favorite thrift store, I saw a whole bedding ensemble in that fabric. :) I left it there.

The yellow checked napkins are a hand-me-down from my mom. They, along with a table cloth in a matching yellow, but larger gingham, were a wedding gift I believe. We have both used them.

The white plates are our Staccato dishes from Crate and Barrel that we received as wedding gifts. The multi-colored latte bowls are from Anthropologie. I have been collecting them one or two at a time in general for about 8 years now, since I stumbled out of the rain and into my first Anthropologie experience in NYC.

The little latte bowls are also from Anthropologie and were a gift from my sweet sister-in-law, Mandy, a few Christmases ago.

The polka dotted drinking glasses are from a store in NYC called Fishs Eddy. My mom and I hand carried them back after a trip in 2004.

So that's the scoop. :) Any more questions, just let me know. :)

Happy Thanksgiving. Kelly

p.s. oh yeah, the table setting was for dinner when we had our friends Renae and Steve over a few months ago and served Carribean jerk chicken, hence the bright colors. :)

BR said...

Ah! Now THAT is the detail we know, love and have come to expect from Miss G! Thank you, thank you and thank you! I was most curious about the brightly colored bowls and I thank you for the information. I wanted to know if they were ceramic or melamine and I just looked them up on Anthropologie and see that they are, in fact, ceramic - that was my hope for your sake, although I think either would be adorable in your home. My only remaining question is this, "Who drinks latte's out of bowls?"
hee hee!