Monday, November 2, 2009

Mama-to-be Monday - Jeff Reed edition

First of all, if you don't know who Jeff Reed is, don't worry.

And no, it is not the boy name we've decided on (not that we've decided on a boy name) in case you were guessing that.

Yesterday I was shopping with my friend Renae and found this baby Steelers shirt and had to take a picture to show Adrian.

So here's the Jeff Reed tie in. Jeff Reed is the kicker for the Steelers and I was wanting to write this Mama-to-be Monday post asking those of you who've gone before me the question, what does it feel like when you first felt your baby move.

But, what post is complete without a photo, so . . . I made the tie in of Steelers and kicker and baby moving . . . get it?

So, back to my question. I'm not sure I've felt the baby move yet although twice I've suspected I might be feeling the baby. I have heard it described as "butterfly wings" and then just the other day by a friend as "popcorn".

I would love to hear your descriptions/stories and comments.

Thanks! Kelly

p.s. Yesterday at Old Navy they had all of their Halloween shirts, onesies, etc. marked down to $2 a piece! Most were originally $5 but one little baby sleeper that was originally marked $12.50 was only $2 too! You might want to stock up for next year . . .


Marla Finley said...

I'm loving all your prego posts, Kelly! You are so adorable pregnant and I'm so excited for you. That's awesome that you are starting to feel your little kicker. 16 weeks is about when I started feeling my boys as well. At times it felt like nervous butterflies, but since it would be at times when I didn't have anything to be nervous about it had to be the baby. Sometimes the movements would just feel like gas in the wrong place. That's not so romantic, but reality. :) May God continue to bless your pregnancy. And on another note: Congrats on your shop success. I'm proud of you, Friend.

Beloved said...

Thank you for commenting over on my blog. I love finding new bloggie friends. I am glad that you were touched by the truths I shared - I only share what I am learning myself, and it affected me, too. Bless you, Kelly.

Deborah said...

"Popcorn" and "butterflies" are both good ways to describe the first movement. I was around 16 weeks when I felt both Joshua and Caleb, but about 14 weeks when I felt Daniel. They say with more pregnancies, you feel them sooner. I would imagine you are already feeling your little "Jeff Reed". That correlation was GREAT by the way.

I am loving the look of you surrounded by onesies and sleepers at Old Navy. You were meant to be a mommy from day one.

p.s. I was "worried" for a second that you were in that other kid's clothing store that you said you would never shop in!!

Kori said...

So fun! I LOVE to feel babies move within me. There is nothing like it in the world. I was so sad to never feel any of mine before the 20 week mark!!! Which always scared me. I would (usually) quit the throwing up, get my big ultrasound and feel movements all within a few days of each other. At least I was still feeling sick because without that or movements I would have been running to the doctor's office! So I agree with all of the descriptions. I also thought it felt like little tiny muscle twitches in the very beginning. I would just lie on the couch in the evenings and wait to feel it. And then when James could feel it too! That is a completely different level of joy. And then in future years to let big siblings feel it. :-) I love the picture too. I like the kicker connection, but my non-sports self would never have figured it out on my own!
Enjoy those little moves!

Gina said...

Oh Kelly, I am so excited that you are getting to experience all of the first time mommy fun. When I first felt Jacob I was 15 weeks and it felt like bubbles....LOTS of bubbles.

We had been on a road trip to my in-laws house and got in quite late. We walked in to the living room and the second I sat down he started going crazy. It felt like there were tons of bubbles in my tummy...and it tickled. It was the neatest feeling. And it's very sporadic in the beginning. You might feel them like crazy one day and then go a week before you feel them again. But that's all normal....I know because as a first time mommy I made all those "is this normal" calls to the doctor.

Enjoy every stage, it's amazing what God created our bodies to do.

You're going to be a GREAT mommy!!

Karen said...

I absolutely loved reading all your friends comments. As you know, it's been 30 years since I last felt a "little kicker" inside me, but I will never forget that it is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. I also remember missing that feeling after you and Jeremy were born. But then you have sweet babies to love on. As so many have said, you are going to be a wonderful MOMMY!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I'm so behind on comments...

Regarding first feeling the baby, here I am on my third pregnancy, I'm 17.5 weeks along, and I'm wondering if I've felt the little one yet. Certainly nothing definitive, perhaps a few flutters that could've just been gas.

I'm no help. I think it's going to take a big, whoppin' kick to convince me!

Sandi said...

I'm with Marla -- I think those very first ones feel like gas, but not painful -- just a light flutter. The first time I felt my firstborn, I was laying down on my stomach on the bed. When I felt it 2-3 times in a row, I was pretty sure that was him! I was at 17 weeks with each of mine (maybe a little earlier with the third).

Becky said...

I agree with the flutters. That's what it felt like at first. It was very light you think that you may have imagined it. But when it happens again and feels kind of the same way, it's the baby. I love those first sweet flutters because soon they turn into ginormous kicks that sometimes kind of hurt! :o)

Sarah Kirksey said...

Kelly! Oh, so glad you found me so that I could find you! :) It is a SMALL world for sure...Mark and Shevawn are sweet friends...we were in small group together, and I taught with Shevawn at McKamy. Ashley from {have a lovely} is a good friend from back home in Tyler...we went to school together. :) I'm adding you to my bloglines reader, and I'm planning on going back through all of your old posts to catch up. :)

My take on the baby moving: For me it happened around 18 wks or so. People told me it feels like gas or like butterflies, but I disagree. It really just felt like a little poke from the inside for me. Tough to mistake that for anything else! :)