Friday, May 7, 2010

Nana reads . . . it's one of the things Nana does best

We're doing well . . . just not finding a lot of time for blogging . . .

what are you finding time for today?

Today . . .


woken up
eaten (Little Man)
Mama got a shower and even managed to shave her legs
Little Man got a sponge bath and changed into clean, dry clothes
(he's rather a messy eater at this point)
Mama and baby both took a nap
Mama enjoyed some chunky monkey muffins from Jenni for breakfast while Little Man got his second breakfast and we changed clothes again along with a diaper change
Little Man laid on the bed with Mama and helped me sort some clothes figuring out the whole wardrobe puzzle now of what fits and what doesn't
We read Is Your Mama a Llama? and then I rocked Little Man to sleep and we both took another nap
he ate and then I ate lunch around 2:15
we both laid down again but I didn't fall asleep before he woke up hungry
he started eating again and Daddy got home from work!
Daddy wanted to hold him so we all sat on the couch together and looked through the mail - Costco coupons, a baby card from church friends here and one from church friends in Missouri, two packages (or as the one hailing from England was called, a "parcel") for baby - a sweet reproduction vintage book and an outfit

that's our day so far in a nutshell . . .

also so thankful for friends bringing us enchiladas for dinner tonight! :)



Mindy S. said...

I love that picture. I love that Little One is paying such close attention to his Nana!

And I love your list of what you got done today! Keep making lists just like that, because there will be days that you won't get anything done that is on your "to do" list. But when you list what you really did do you realize that you got a ton of stuff done. I need to be better about making lists like this one.

I can sympathize with all of the clothing changes. Katelyn has a spitting up problem. So both she and I change clothes several times a day.

Karen said...

I love that little guy and can't wait to read to him again. Nana

Jenny said...

His gaze at Nana is great!

Jordan said...

That is the sweetest picture.

You're going to take a picture of the contents of the "parcel", right? I'm dying to see a vintage book from England! :)

Seems like y'all are doing well.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

What a precious captured moment! Now that you have a little one I think you'll find that capturing moments takes on even more significance than before.

Sandi said...

This is such a precious picture!!