Monday, May 10, 2010

sleep when baby sleeps

"Sleep when the baby is sleeping"

is an adage I've heard many times even before this little guy was born.

Being a "doer" and not one who likes to take naps I wasn't sure how much I'd actually live it.

I've had at least one friend tell me she didn't and wished she had.

Maybe God is helping me to learn some things without having to learn them the hard way or something because I decided just to go ahead and live that adage right now. It has been good and much needed.

There is not however a corresponding "blog when the baby blogs" adage :)

Hence, very few posts around here . . .

Thanks for having patience while we learn our new "normal".

Here are some things I'd like to remember from the past couple weeks:

So many wonderfully kind friends bringing us delicious dinners. It has been absolutely wonderful!

An elder from our church who brought us dinner praying over the three of us before he left. Such a blessing.

Comedies of errors - of course they want to paint our apt. bldg. this week requiring that we take everything off the balcony and pile it in the dining room, our boy learning to make "fountains" in the midst of diaper changes and tinkle landing all over him, mama, daddy, the carpet, the clean and waiting diaper, etc., etc., a drawer in the kitchen randomly and literally falling apart when opened and landing on daddy's foot, multiple diaper and clothes changes during middle of the night feedings and the laundry just piling up, a glass breaking right over the pan of browning meat . . . ugg, mama bursting into tears while watching You've Got Mail . . . hello hormones!

saying a tearful goodbye to Nana and yet making it on our own

mama, daddy and son going on a date together - the drive through at Wendy's, sitting in the parking lot at the park to eat dinner on a windy, windy night, Cherry on Top for dessert and sitting on a bench away from all kiddies to eat it

learning to nurse in front of the computer :)

the three of us all sleeping in the nursery

Mama going on her first outings alone since becoming a mama - Market Street to get ice cream for the amazing rhubarb cobbler Daddy made and to an estate sale who's photos of vintage Fisher Price toys beckoned to me while browsing during a middle of the night feeding - both excursions absolutely wore me out!

Daddy telecommuting and all of us being home during the day - Daddy holding Little Man while Mama gets a shower in the morning, etc.

Daddy going into work first for a few hours and then for whole days (!) We made it, Little One and I and we're also so happy when Daddy comes home.

Eating dinner at the table again - we need to get a swing :)

Daddy made an AMAZING steak dinner, baked potatoes, salad with blue cheese for Mama

laundry piling up everywhere :)

Wonderful friends who came and worked, hanging curtains, sorting maternity clothes and what I can go back to wearing from my regular clothes, fixing dust ruffles in the nursery, etc.

Mama learning to get a shower with Little One hanging out on a padded blanket on the bathroom floor - such a good baby who stays content long enough for Mama to get clean for starting the day

Baby Boy rolling from side to side and traveling down his little sleep wedge in his bed

Going to church for the first time on Mother's Day


Deborah said...

What a precious picture!!

You know me well enough to know that I never heeded that "sleep" advice...until number three came along!

I plan to come see you very, very soon, my friend.

Kelly and Brad said...

Oh the memories! I had to learn to not worry about laundry and cleaning and to nap too! Such a wonderful, tired and blessed time!! :):)

katiebear said...

Very adorable!

I learned how to nurse while at the computer very very quickly =)

I didn't learn the sleep while baby sleeps until number two. unfortunately number two never liked naps.

Congrats to you and Adrian!!

Karen said...

How smart to write down all these memories while they are fresh on your mind. Love that little man.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Good for you to sleep when baby sleeps... this is most easily accomplished when you only have one child! I enjoyed reading all of your memories, these days will pass all too quickly. said...

He is so absolutely perfect. What gorgeous pictures you've taken to remember these first sweet weeks.

Sleep, sleep, sleep. I am a born-again napper since my son was born. That way you're better rested to enjoy every waking minute with him.