Sunday, July 18, 2010

three months

Time flies . . .

when you're having fun and we definitely are!

You are so, so much fun, little man!

You learned to roll over this month.
You still do great with tummy time and hold your head up so high.

You are now a wonder boy as far as sleeping is concerned. Thank you so, so much! You sleep anywhere from 8-12 hours at night. This is so wonderful for us.

You went on your first airplane ride this month . . . to Alaska!
Even with a three hour time change you remained a GREAT sleeper!

Probably one of the very most fun things about this month is how vocal you have become. You started by cooing and now you squeal, screech, laugh and make all sorts of wonderful noises.

You might be a trumpet player like your daddy because you are constantly blowing raspberries now and buzzing your lips.

You blow bubbles and you spit up A LOT.

You are wearing 3-6 month clothes now.

Your bedtime routine is to get a clean diaper, put on jammies, get double swaddled and nurse. Then you're out like a light and lie down in your bed.

You smile at us in the mornings when we go to get you out of bed and you even wriggle with excitement when you're out of your swaddle and we go to pick you up.

You still like your pacifier to get settled down for a nap. You fight sleep on those naptimes and often fall asleep with one eye open. You inherited not wanting to go to sleep and miss anything from your mama and your daddy.

You got to meet your Grandad this month when he came through Dallas.

On your trip to Alaska you went on your first hikes in the moby with Daddy, you stuck your toes in the sand with Mama and you stayed with a non-family baby-sitter. Betty, Jennifer, Joanna, John, Joy, Jessica, Jack & Cliff took good care of you so Mama & Daddy could go out on a date.

Last time we went to the pediatrician you weighed 13.6 lbs.

You are working on sitting up. You sat up in Daddy's lap for a bit on the plane on the way to Alaska.

Speaking of planes, you were a champ! You hardly cried and charmed all of the passengers and especially one of the flight attendants on our flight home. She offered to hold you twice. Everywhere we go we are so proud to call you our son. People like to be around you. You are an easy baby to be social with and you easily go to all sorts of different people who want to hold you.

We love you, Little Man!!


Karen said...

And Nana and Ducca can't wait to see you again really soon!!!!!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

What a precious, precious blessing! Kelly, he is a doll, you and Adrian have every right to be proud. I know you praise and thank God for your son.

He's bigger than F now!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

What a little traveler--all the way to Alaska! But I'm most impresses with sleeping 8- 12 hours a night. You've trained him well.

He's such a cutie!


BR said...

yay! A great baby indeed!
Happy 3 month birthday, Tiny!

Beth said...

Time DOES fly. Can't believe he's 3 mos!

Alaska - sounds wonderful! And hooray, thank the Lord for a good sleeper!