Thursday, August 5, 2010

big bunch of balloons

Does this big bunch of balloons make anyone else happy?

I love the sight of them.

For some reason they remind me of Disneyland and the show Reading Rainbow.

(Did you watch that as a kid? Is it still on tv? What was your favorite episode?)

I want to know where they're going and who they're for.

I hope that none of them pop on the way.

We're having a lovely day around here.

I'm feeling the teensiest bit settled which hasn't happened a lot since becoming a mother. It's a nice feeling. My baby boy and I are having a book reading, no make-up yet, giggling, talking to God, vacuuming, looking at himself in the mirror, smore eating (me not him), making plans, talking to friends on the phone kind of day. I am thankful for it.

What are you doing today? And where do you think those balloons are going?

Will you make it a "leave a comment sort of day as well"? thanks.


photo by Jenni, tweaked by me


Jenni said...

so fun! I totally do not remember that pic.....I know one little girl in Abilene that would LOVE these balloons!

Erica said...

I LOVED Reading Rainbow when I was little. I always wanted to read all the books that they highlighted.
Glad you're starting to feel settled--that must feel great!

Anonymous said...

The balloons remind me of a red, white and blue bomb popsicle I had in Washington D.C. when I was around ten. : )

My favorite episode of Reading Rainbow featured Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia because it always stuck with me and later I honeymooned there with my historian husband.

Small world, Jenni, we used to live in Abilene. We ate at all our favorite places there (Zookinis, Steak Express, Perini's Steak House, Brick Oven Pizza Co.) on Spring Break last year when we showed my son where he was born. We visited the Buffalo Gap Historic Village while we were there, and Frontier Texas again. We really like it. My son would like those balloons, also. I remember the air balloons they used to try and launch in Abilene during a festival that made it off the ground only half the time because of all the wind there. Ha, ha! It was fun once to watch them overhead and land in an elementary school field.

I came across this blog randomly while I was researching homeschooling blogs. This one was linked to by another. I love following your posts. You such a creative, fun fellow Texan and mommy!

Marla Robbins Finley said...

I love the pic too! Nice, Jenni! It makes me think of one of my boys' birthday parties since we always get a bunch and put some on the porch and all over the house. Then, we give them as party favors too!

I love all your pictures, Kelly. I'm sending you a hug today. said...

it just takes get settled that is. and just as soon as you find a comfortable napping/feeding/waking schedule, they hit a growth spurt and change it all up. babies are just lots of work, but clearly it's wonderful and worthwhile!

Miss G said...

y'all are making "leave a comment day" lots of fun! Thank you! I enjoy hearing from you!! Kelly

Karen said...

My favorite balloon memory is when I was planning a "Girl's Day" at church and I got it in my head that we HAD to have purple helium balloons. With lots and lots of help from my friends, we pulled it off, but how I obsessed (imagine that) over those balloons.

Of course I loved Reading Rainbow because it gave my two precious children such joy. Loved Lavar Burton (sp???)

Deborah said...

I am having an "I-am-so-glad-I-read-Kelly's-blog" kind of day!!

Your settling-in as a Mommy is a wonderful thing.

I'm not settled-in as a Mommy yet...


Jenny said...

Ha! The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the balloons was, "Yikes, that is my worst nightmare." Not a fan of the balloon world...didn't even want them at my birthday parties growing up. I did like Reading Rainbow. Isn't that guy on some sci-fi show now? I have this image of him in futuristic blue-blocker glasses.

Lori said...

Big bunch of balloons just has to make you smile. Reminds me of a fair.

Brenda said...

It reminds me that I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. :)

Laura said...

I'm getting ready to have a lesson planning day for the upcoming homeschool year. Love the happy ballon picture!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Aren't you just kinda, sorta glad that you didn't have a "gettin' ready to start a new school year of teaching" kind of day?!

I'm thinking that you're new career makes you as happy as having a big bunch of balloons.

jennyc said...

Your post made me think of "Mr. Rogers" for some reason :) I loved the train... As for Reading Rainbow, I loved that show too, but I can't recall any specific episodes - but I do remember the host always smiling :) I think bunches of balloons are perfectly wonderful and I'm so glad you had a settled kind of day... I had one of those today and it is nice!

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