Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Travel Tuesday - public transportation

This is my friend Jenny and I. Our other friend Jenni took the photo. The three of us took a girls' trip to NYC in 2006. We had so much fun!

Don't you love how we are dressed alike? We didn't plan it or anything. Very fun.

Do you like riding the subway in NYC or in general taking public transportation?

Do you have any funny public transportation stories?

One time my brother and I were riding the train in Boston and saw this lady with the most enormous and lopsided beehive type hairdo. Another time Adrian and I were in Chicago riding the El and there was this guy who had about a two minute speech on repeat. He kept saying things like, "If there's a protest, I'm 'invoved'. If there's a strike, I'm 'invoved.'" It was interesting.

Looking forward to hearing *your* travel tales.



Jenni said...

kel - it cut off the right edges of your photos -- looks ok in reader, but not when I click over to the blog....

Karen said...

My favorite subways are in D.C. So clean, so nice.
My favorite public transportation story is from a girl trip to Chicago when a person on the El offered to guide us to the Bongo Room. Crazy!