Tuesday, January 18, 2011

9 months old!

So much has happened this month, Little Man!

You added three more states to your list, New Mexico, Missouri and Oklahoma and had your first long road trip. We split it up into two parts each way and our wonderful friends in Tulsa let us stay at their house and you got to sleep in a crib and everything!

You got to spend lots of cousin time.

Houston cousins:

You enjoyed so much playing with your nativity that Nana and Ducca gave you for Christmas last year. You especially seemed partial to the cow and baby Jesus.

You really seemed to get the hang of opening presents.

And you discovered that often boxes are the most fun toy of all.

You got your first guitar and your face lights up when I hand it to you.

You enjoyed your first stocking from Mama and Daddy.

You got rhythm and sounds busy balls and you have been crawling all over after them. You got your first little blue toothbrush and you like to brush your two little toothies while Mama is brushing her teeth. Often this is while sitting in your doorway bouncer because that's where you sit while Mama is taking a shower and getting ready now that you are into exploring everything. You are really good at putting the bristle end of the toothbrush in your mouth.

In addition to the busy balls, wooden teethers and toothbrush in your stocking, you also got bubbles!

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas in New Mexico and you got to meet your great-grandma!
You have now met all of your great-grandparents.

You began crawling everywhere and getting faster and faster! It is so much fun and now you can go wherever you want instead of crying when someone leaves the room.

We enjoyed some great hikes while we were in New Mexico. We hiked in some snowy patches with the whole family on Christmas day and we hiked with Grandad, Uncle Edmund and Daddy on Boxing Day. You were asleep in the backpack and leaning way out to the side. A nice man from France who we saw a few times on the loop had an idea for how we could secure a couple of the straps to help you stay more upright and it worked.

You got to stay up late and attend your first Boxing Day party. You were a hit with the guests.
You also liked Great-Grandma's tree.

You are good at helping with paper work.

You pulled up to standing for the first time outside of your crib (and you've only stood in your crib once). Daddy was sitting at his computer and you went over to him and pulled up to get closer.

You learned to wave "hi" and "bye bye"!

You say "dada" and we're pretty sure you know what it means now.

This reindeer that Mama made in fourth grade hung on your door all during the Christmas season. From the time I put it up you noticed it and seemed to like it. As time went on your smiles got broader when you would see it and when you learned to wave you began to wave "hi" to it when I would get you up from a nap or in the morning. It was sooo cute!

We continued to practice "one finger" and you got it!!!

Your little duck book is the first thing you touched by yourself with one finger. We're so proud of you, big boy!

Along with "one finger" you began learning to stop and listen to Mama or Daddy when we asked you to and not to go near the fireplace. You got your first couple of spankings (not hard) but you learned really quickly and we're so proud of you for the way you're listening and obeying.

You really enjoy playing with other little kids and after a long drive to Missouri in your new big boy carseat you were quite happy to get out at our friends' house and play with their two little boys and all their toys!

more cousin time! You got to meet your Missouri cousins!

You ate country ham and eggs for the first time but Mama and Daddy didn't share the breakfast that they were introduced to on the farm, waffle ice cream sandwiches!

You love playing with your mirror.

It turns out laundry baskets are a great place for you to play right now (as long as they're in the clear of anything that you could fall over on and hurt yourself) and they give Mama and Daddy a break from following you all over the house.

We had to call poison control for the first time when you were scooping up potting soil out of the track of the sliding patio door. Thankfully they said you would be fine!

We ordered a meal just for you for the first time at a restaurant.
You and I went to meet Daddy for lunch at Freebirds and we ordered a single soft taco for you. You loved it!

We had a GREAT visit with Nana! You and she became fast friends!

Nana played peek-a-boo with you and "sack of potatoes". We went shopping in McKinney and at Target and you were an angel boy! You guys had a couple of fun play dates while Mama went to get her haircut and to Wal-mart and then again while Mama and Daddy went on a breakfast date!

You got some good hang out time with Mama and Daddy.

We love you so much, Buddy!


Karen said...

These pictures make me laugh out loud. I miss this little boy! He makes me a very happy Nana.

Lori said...

Wow, nine months! It flies doesn't it. I have the same charm barcelet and charms, even the nativity one. One of my favorites the laundry basket my girls liked that one too. Wow, lot's of boy cousins!

Jessica H said...

I love this post! All the faces of the little man! Thanks for sharing!

Kori said...

Oh I LOVE it! So precious and amazing. Our first poison control was hand santizer. Hannah was a bit tipsy for a while. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi friend! Love all the pictures! Such a cutie! So glad that I got to get a squeeze last weekend!

Candace said...

What milestones! I love this post - don't know how I missed it!

emily said...

oh, man, Kelly!!! What a DOLL!!! Congrats on the 9 month mile-marker!! He is so precious. I think my fave is the Freebirds pic :) love you!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Isn't it pure delight watching him learn and grow?!

Sarah B said...

Amazing post, Kelly! He's growing so fast. Glad you're getting down some great memories, big and small.

Micaela said...

Kelly! What a wonderful post! You have such a cutie. Isn't it such a blessing to stay home with him and be there for all his firsts? You two are such great parents! I'm so glad you all stopped by on your way through last month, it was so wonderful to finally get to meet your precious little guy! Love y'all!

Cary/Ashley said...

Great picture and memories too!
You've captured such sweet moments of his first 9 months.:) It just gets better and better from here!

Julie said...

I LOVE IT! It is hard to pick my favorite. I love the one finger...I wish we had started that with #1, but maybe he can learn with #2. I am also glad to know that we aren't the only parent's that "spanked" our baby. Mostly to teach him to stay away from something dangerous, much like yourself. You two are doing such a good job, he is a great kiddo! Love you!