Tuesday, January 25, 2011

matchmaker, matchmaker

I don't know if all of you know or not, but once upon a time, before I began blogging, Adrian and I met online. The year was 2006.

I'll tell you, in all of the 1900s (doesn't that sound so funny to say?) my romantic daydreams all tended toward the more traditional for sure. Not once did I think of meeting someone *online*!

As we entered the 2000s helpful friends and family tried suggesting I get online but I thought it was for desperate people and I wasn't desperate. Although I wanted to get married, I had faith that God would bring me someone in His timing.

Seeing how You've Got Mail is one of my favorite movies, you would think I would have been less resistant . . . but I wasn't!

Thankfully, God works in our lives in His ways and in His timing and I decided to be open to the idea of meeting someone online because in this day in age wasn't it just as likely that God could use that avenue to introduce me to someone as it was that I would bump into someone on the street, sit next to a good looking guy on an airplane or a new guy would walk into Sunday school and sparks would instantly fly?

Well it turns out that Adrian and I are not the only ones. I was recently at a girls' night and we were all sitting around talking about how we met our spouses and the three most recently married of our group all met online! I meet so many people who met online. It's cool.

So, there is another blogger named Kelly who apparently knows the same thing about this day in time and how God is using the online world in His plans at times to bring people together for His purposes. I had heard of her blog before as she does a weekly (I think) link up party called "Show Us Your Life" with a theme and people link up and show the homes, etc.

Well, via my friend Kelli (is this getting confusing yet?) I learned that Kelly (so glad we've got some different spellings going on here!) has a heart for singles and believes that if God uses things like eharmony or match.com to bring people together, why not also blogland?

She has a gazillion readers from all over and she thought why not let people link up posts on their blogs to single people they know and just see what God may choose to do with it. She did it last year and three couples got together two of whom are now engaged.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to a couple of my friends.

First up, Jenni

Many of you regular readers know her in person and others of you have seen me giving her photo credits here on the blog as she takes some great photos.

Jenni and I have been friends for over ten years now. She is one of the most loyal friends I know. She is also a very generous baker & sharer of chunky monkey bread. She throws this amazing Christmas party every year with all kinds of yummy food and her house decked out to the nines. She and I bonded over Superchic[k] music. I introduced her to a world of craftiness and now she is an amazing DIY-er. She's the first person I ever knew who had a blog and now I'm a blogger.

Jenni likes to travel and makes keeping up with friendships a priority. She has her motorcycle license and would like to own a Harley Davidson one day. She cares about making a difference and is intentional about things like regularly donating blood to save others' lives.

She is tech savy and smart and loves her family including two sweet nieces. She is loyal to her church and serves in various ways.

If you know of an eligible Christian man who you think would like to meet Jenni or if you are an eligible Christian man and would like to meet Jenni feel free to e-mail me (sundrenchedmoments @ gmail dot com) or e-mail her directly at jennipearl76blog @ gmail dot com

Next is my friend Chrystal

Chrystal and I met at church several years ago. We share a birthday month and have enjoyed celebrating together. Chrystal works in HR and has an awesome family and heritage in the Lord. She loves to sing, shop, create & read.

Chrystal is one of the most godly women I know. She has such a beautiful spirit and inspires me to want to grow. She is great at talking about real stuff. She is an open and loving person. She is not one to shrink away from serving, even in less than glamorous positions.

If you know of an eligible Christian man who you think would like to meet Chrystal or if you are an eligible Christian man and would like to meet Chrystal feel free to e-mail me (sundrenchedmoments @ gmail dot com) or e-mail her directly at chrystalhayes @ sbcglobal dot net

If you know one of these girls in person, feel free to chime in about them too in the comments.


p.s. post title taken from song lyrics to Fiddler on the Roof.
My cool friend Sarah titles every blogpost with lyrics from a Broadway show! impressive!


Lori said...

find me a find, catch me a catch... In God's time it will happen.

Karen said...

My prayers are with this "project" because these are 2 VERY special ladies.

Darla said...

I love both of these girls! It's been eons since I've spent much time with Jenni, but I know she is a delightful & thoughtful lady! Chrystal is a special girl--what you shared about her is true--she is godly, and always willing to serve. Her family is precious--she has a rich Christian heritage, and a sweet disposition. She is gentle, and kind, but knows how to have fun! I pray this proves to be another way God will provide amazing godly mates for each of these girls. Love the idea!