Tuesday, January 3, 2012

happy 2012

I started this post about 10 p.m. on the 31st but things have been moving along over here and I am just now getting it finished.

We had our party and it was a lot of fun!

We ended up "counting down" at about 6:55 our time. We were trying for 7:00 to celebrate when it turned midnight in Rio de Janiero but the kids were ready so we just went ahead!

More pics from the party to come but I wanted to mention a couple things for the new year before too much more time gets away.

I'm going to try out this decluttering calendar for the new year. Anyone want to do it with me? Nothing formal and I'm not gonna promise to do every day but a little is better than nothing, right? Leave me a comment or e-mail me if you want to do it together. It would be more fun that way for sure.

Also, last year at the wonderful encouragement of a dear friend, I intentionally memorized scripture for the first time in years. This is such a good thing for me but I had not exhibited the discipline to do it in so long.

It was really good and I am so glad that I bit the bullet and did it. At the same time though, my year has been full, my brain has been full and while I am so thankful that I kept it up I still don't feel like I have those 20 some odd verses really truly rolling off the tongue of my mind/heart.

Rather than trying to memorize new ones right now I am going to work on really solidifying those so that I can say them anytime, anywhere to myself, to my family, to friends or strangers to bring a word of encouragement or peace.

I think the thing to do will be to put the verse reference and the first word or two of each scripture on a list on my mirror and just work on them from there. Do you think that will work?

Are any of you memorizing scripture? Do you have any ideas of things that are helpful to really have these truths of God's word written on your heart and mind?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on scripture, decluttering, what you ate for lunch . . . oh just anything.

Happy Tuesday!



Jenni said...

love the decluttering plan! I'm not doing a daily, but a weekly one I found on a blog (http://www.home-storage-solutions-101.com/organized-home.html). I think every little bit helps.

I never have really memorized scripture, but I know it would be good for me. Way to go for sticking with it!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I'm feeling some pricks of conviction in my own heart with regard to scripture memorization. Thanks for your honesty and encouragement.

I think I'm going to try Simple Mom's decluttering/simplifying schedule.

Happy New Year, my friend.

Ashley said...

I am cleaning out 1-3 drawers/cabinets each day. Little by little I am making my way around the kitchen and then on to other rooms!

Julie P. said...

What a great idea! I will start with you on the daily plan - inch by inch it's a cinch! I also recently saw the weekly plan, but I am thinking a little something every day might be more manageable.
#1 gets a scripture card about every other week (26 for the year), and I have wanted to work with him on those, but I have relaxed a bit on that. You have inspired me to pick that back up. It will be good for both of us!

Lunch - edamame, hummus, wheat thins, carrots, yogurt and an orange. Healthy today to make up for Arby's yesterday.

Melissa Jackson said...

Love the declutter calendar! I printed it out and will try to do as many of the items as possible. Although, I know I won't hit everyday, anything I can do will be helpful.

We did a class at church that involved Scripture memory. We used note cards that could easily be carried throughout the week. You can see the format of the cards at http://www.2-7series.com/2-7-Group-Members/Book-3--Bearing-Fruit/Scripture-Memory-Cards-(1). Each card has a title, reference, verse, reference. On the flip side of the card we wrote the "title." We tried to learn them my first associating the title, reference, and first few words or phrase, similar to what you are considering writing on your bathroom mirror.

Great job self-initiating Scripture memory! I know it's tough to stay disciplined.

Rachel said...

It was fun to run into you the other day, Kelly! I'm working on decluttering, but not a specific schedule. I hope to get the bulk of it done this month and made a list of all the areas I want to tackle, partly motivated by making room for Baby 5 this spring. We started reading through the Bible with our kids on Jan. 1 on a 2-year plan and will be doing some scripture memory from a list of fighter verses at the back of their Bibles. I confess that we sometimes have to put our almost 2-yr-old to bed first, though. He is very active and distracting. Hoping we can find a way to teach him to be quiet and still.

Mindy S. said...

For Christmas Katelyn got a set of 2 CDs called "Hide 'em in your heart" by Steve Green. They came highly recommended by several friends at church. They are children's CDs and the songs are all word for word from scripture. We have only listened to them through one time, but so far I like them. I really like that at the begining of each song they (usually a child) speaks the scripture and the book/chapter/verse before they start singing. The music is already playing so it flows pretty well into the song. I am hoping that this year that the girls and I will all memorize some scripture. I think that each CD has around 17-18 songs each. They are available at amazon.