Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ten on ten - January 2012

being oh so silly

shoes on, bye bye

Nana came to music class with us

big boy

silly cousin

searching for the missing shoe

enjoying this feature on our new car!

will we ever leave Lowe's?

high class dinner!

bedtime after a day with no nap


did you do anything silly today?

go anywhere fun?

make any music?

lose something?

enjoy something new?

eat a yummy dinner?

I'd love to hear about it.

Happy 10th of January.



Brooke said...

What a cute 10!! We are forever searching for missing shoes.... and hats..... and gloves ;D

Celia said...

Such a cute kiddo!!!! Loved your photos. :)

Leslie said...

oh this is the sweetest Kelly, thank you... oh and the search for missing shoes here, is going on as we speak as Cade hobbles around on one TOM.. and yells.. but mom where did YOU put them. Yes son, I removed your shoes last night and put them somewhere.

Never knew I'd be so greatful to mail you that mobile, I so appreciate your prayers. Plus it looks cute in there!! :)

We are mobile matching buddies.

Sara said...

I love the photo of the missing shoe. That's really a snapshot of life!

kyle beaudette said...

What a great set! I especially love the shoe on, the search and Lowes shots.

Karen said...

Nana loved music class.