Monday, April 2, 2012

missed chance

There was someone at church yesterday who I was supposed to invite to lunch I'm pretty sure.

I didn't do it.

It would be hard.

I barely know the person.

They're hard to talk to.

Would there be enough food?

How would that person interact with the other people we were already having over?

We were already having people over. Food was already cooked. It's not like inviting that person to lunch would have meant scurrying around to clean house or figure out what in the world to serve.

It would have just been one more at the table.

It might have made that person's day.

I chickened out totally and completely.

I feel badly about it and wish I'd made a different decision.

Surely it couldn't have been *that* big a deal.

What God asks us to do is not always easy at all. How do you deal with that?


photo by Adrian of our little seedlings starting to sprout up!


Dina said...

Oh I hate that feeling when I chicken out! BUT it will make you braver and more willing the next time God gives you that thought to do something out of your comfort zone.

Karen said...

Wise words from Dina.

gail said...

ditto what Dina said...I feel bad when I let an opportunity pass, but feel all the more ready the next time to say 'yes'.

Julie P. said...

That's the thing about God, he often nudges us to do things that are uncomfortable, but he NEVER forces us, and he ALWAYS walks beside us no matter what we choose. Also, ditto Dina! :)