Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ten on ten - April 2012

"special treat" of cinnamon toast

unloading the dryer


couscous and chocolate (non-dairy - thank you Taylor!) covered strawberry face


leftover Easter eggs

irises in the garden - thank you previous owners!

getting closer

more laundry

prepping chicken for dinner

yea for dinner with family

cousins sharing a love for books

my SIL's and my twice yearly shopping night at the consignment sale

the take home


for more ten on ten go here

What did you do yesterday?



Jenni said...

looks like a great day! I've planted iris and have leaves, but don't know that I'll have flowers this year. we'll see....

Noodles said...

fun set, that looks like the just between friends sale we have here in colorado springs!

Karen said...

I love your 10 on 10's. I need to do one myself in May. Please keep me to that!