Thursday, April 11, 2013

spring luncheon

I thought I had blogged these photos but I looked back and didn't find them so perhaps I didn't.  

This was from last spring and it was what David and I did to thank the MOPS workers who took care of him all year.  They are soo amazing.  All of the childcare workers at our MOPS group are volunteers who just want to love on our kids.  I feel so blessed to know them and really enjoy them a lot.  

I encourage you to consider gifts of time when looking for appreciation gifts this time of year.

Those are cornbread muffins on the cupcake stand to serve with our two salad choices at lunch.

The pink gingham tablecloth is one that was in Sweetie's stash from hosting church baby showers for years and years.  The polka dot glasses were picked up and hand carried home from NYC by my mom and I back in my single days and purchased from Fishs Eddy.  

We had a pasta salad and a spinach salad that you could put blue cheese (or was it feta), pecans and grapefruit on.

The green gingham piece in the center is an old cabinet door that I picked up free across the street when we first moved into our house, the roses from our garden in little spice jars and uncapped s&p shakers.

for dessert, chocolate chip cookies on a milk glass "cake stand" that I put together with a plate that was a gift from my mother-in-law who knows my penchant for the stuff and a planter



Karen said...

Beautiful presentation as always.

Kori said...

Very pretty! We need some more baby pictures. :-)