Monday, April 1, 2013

more nursery pics

I am having so much fun working on this little girl's nursery - I've bought a few things, raided my stash of decor collected over the years, crafted things and been gifted things.  It's fun.  

hairbows and hats at the ready

I decided to make a scaled down version of the embroidery hoop mobile.

baskets with hot glued ruffles and heart shaped labels

will you check out this child's wardrobe??!!  Oh my!

receiving blankets and swaddles

more from the closet including girly burp cloths made by my friend Jenni

I wish the lighting was better in this photo but this is the gorgeous quilt and matching burp cloth my Aunt Gail made for baby girl and I and the crib sheet my sweet friend Jenee gifted us with way back in December before she moved to Europe and the sweetest little ruffled swaddle waiting in the bed

a sweet lady from church made this beautiful, soft blanket with a double ruffle around the edge - so sweet!  

quilt bunting

again, I really wish the lighting was better in this photo and I need to get a better picture of it but this is the amazing ruffled crib skirt that my sil and my mom made for me which wasn't nearly as simple it turned out as what I thought it would be so I am super grateful to them!!

close up of the embroidery hoop mobile over the changing table - embroidery hoops picked up at garage sales/thrift stores, white pom pom "ribbon" hoarded in my stash from my one and only after Christmas sale shopping at the Container Store, grey lace from an estate sale, pink hanging doodad from a shop I loved in Saledo, TX, Buy Buy Birdie, yellow ribbon from Michael's dollar bin, little gold bow (hard to see but tied on with yellow ribbon) leftover from an ancient necklace, long ago broken from the 80s or early 90s, gold "shaggy" thread gifted from a friend

My mom cut the curtain panels from Target in half and hemmed them all for me!


Jenni said...

it's looking good! I love that I can envision that room "before" and now "after" ..... just waiting for baby sister!

Lori said...

Looks wonderful, love all the touches. Boy oh boy, I mean , girl or girl, looks, like you are ready.

Kori said...

It looks wonderful! I keep checking for posts... :-)

Unknown said...

Kelly, the nursery looks so sweet. I can't wait to see it in person.

BR said...

Oh, now we're talking!!! This nursery looks READY!! Sooooo cute!!!! Love the embroidery hoop mobile! She will love to look up at it! Pretty pretty pretty!