Sunday, August 11, 2013

ten on ten - August 2013

big breakfast (thanks to cinnamon rolls and sausage balls my mom had made and given us that could be pulled from the freezer & Aunt Robin's zucchini banana bread) with family in town!

stay in our jammies kind of day hanging out together as a family on the couch

handed the camera over to David at his request and he took Mama's picture

(no make-up, glasses and hair not fixed and all!)

one day the messes will seem nostalgic - toys strewn about, overgrown weeds in the backyard and all

pretty girl

tickle time!

groceries for the week, trying out Wal-mart price matching for the first time

$27!  We'll take it!  A praise for sure!

hearing fun news via technology

sweet wiggly baby

the first big harvest from our garden - basil, yellow pear tomatoes and early girls

SUPER yummy dinner and a new tablecloth bought at an adoption fundraiser garage sale last weekend - they wanted 25 cents for it! Craziness. We kicked in a little extra.  :) 

miracle!  empty hampers!!!

at the end of the day after everyone was in bed found these sweet little cowboy boots in my bathroom - one day I'll miss these for sure


Mindy S. said...

My favorite picture is the one that David took of you! That picture could have easily been taken when we were 16. You really haven't aged at all! Despite no make up and not having fixed your hair. :-) Love you!

Mindy S. said...

Oh, and keep the little cowboy boots! One day his little boy can wear them! :-)

Kori said...

I think you got empty hampers by dumping the laundry elsewhere. Surely. It's not possible is it? Not with my four kids it's not! :-)Maybe if we went naked for a week - and I mean totally naked. But then we'd still have towels, rags and such...oh well. Laundry is better than scrubbing the toilet. :-)

Karen Gibson said...

I counted the pictures and this was much more than a TEN on 10. Loved every one of them.