Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cora - four months

Cora baby, we began your fourth month of life with quite an adventure.  Around 6 something p.m. we discovered you were running a fever of between 102 & 103.  The nurse on call at our pediatrician urged us to go straight to the ER.  They got us in around 7 and we were there till well past midnight and then we needed to stop at the pharmacy to get some baby tylenol for you and we weren't getting into bed until 1:38 a.m.  Happy three month birthday!  

Things started getting much better really quickly though.  

We spent the next day at Aunt Mandy and Uncle Jeremy's and Daddy brought us all Tamale Kitchen for dinner.  Soo yum!  It was a nice day to hang out and be low key with family and take care of you.

Also, Annma brought over several dresses for us to borrow for you.  They had been both her's and Aunt Mandy's.  So special!

We got to celebrate your first Independence Day!
Family had started coming into town for our family reunion and we all ate dinner at Nana and Ducca's.  

You also got to meet your cousin Ryan and your Aunt Robin and Uncle Peter for the first time when they came to town.  Ryan could make you laugh and giggle.  It was so much fun to watch!  

Your brother and Caleb and Aaron all love you so much!  It is going to be fun to watch how the dynamic of those crazy three cousins changes as you grow and are more and more able to join in on the fun!  

For part of our family reunion we went out to Rocky Mountain National Park.  You got to go on some hikes with Mama and Daddy, got loved on by a lot of extended family (wish I had gotten more pics!) and also decided that you weren't at all sure that you were going to take a bottle anymore.  hmmm . . . 

You are giving us *such* sweet smiles, screeches, coos, squeals and laughs.  We LOVE it!  

You laugh for Mama the most and it warms my heart.  

You are wearing 3-6 month clothing now and even some 6-12 and 9 month things as well!  This cutie patootie little family reunion t-shirt that matched all the big people's is a 6 month!

You are liking the ergo more and fitting in it better and I really enjoy carrying you in it when we are out and about. 

Sweet baby and Cousin Caitlin

She was holding you at dinner this night and you fell asleep sitting up in her arms.  It was so sweet and cute.  

Our family very nicely gave me the hiking award for hiking up to the waterfall and back down while carrying you.  It about did me in but I'm glad we got to do it together.  One day you're going to be hiking all on your own!

I love you so much sweet baby girl!  

We don't let feeding breaks stop us, you can eat at the top of a waterfall just as well as at our house!

Your hair is falling out and I miss that head full of dark hair you had when you were born but honestly you are so absolutely adorable no matter what your hair is like.  It is really cute how you have a stand up sort of curl that looks like an ocean wave on the top of your head!  I love it!

You have really begun wanting to sit up this month.  You are sooo strong!  I couldn't believe when I saw you pulling yourself up in your bouncy seat like this and you do it a lot!

You really like sitting in your bumbo seat but almost every time you spit up something crazy or have a diaper blowout.  It seems that I am doing laundry every single day trying to get stains out of sheets, swaddles, pjs, clothes . . . 

Nana and Ducca with all of their grandchildren!

You are sitting up on your own 5-6 seconds at a time, especially in my lap on the plane and at Grandmother and Grandaddy's house in the backyard on the grass.  

Uncle John and also Uncle Fili (using Daddy's camera) took pictures of our whole extended family and our little families at our reunion.  It was so much fun!  

You make some really adorable snuffle noises in your sleep sometimes.  

The girls!  

While all of the kids were here for the family reunion, Nana had you all put your hand prints on her deck.  We did your sweet little foot since keeping your hand open at this age would have been tricky.

Aunt Mandy worked on your cradle cap with an olive oil head massage and then we gave you a sink bath!  Look at your fun crazy curly hair!

Your cousin Caleb loves you so much and is so very proud to be your big cousin.  

cutie baby tummy!

Caleb put you to sleep this night.  It was so sweet.  

One Saturday we went to the park for a breakfast picnic.  You continue to enjoy being outside.  I think we are all looking forward to when you can eat picnic food with us in a couple of months!

You fight going down for naps sometimes.  You like to have your paci to go to sleep but you spit it out when you're good and asleep.  You also like to be bundled up for naps and swaddled at night.  We are still loving the woombie swaddles!

You and Mama and Daddy had a lunch date to Maggiano's in Denver one day.  It was YUMMY and you made quite the impression on the other people at the restaurant.  You are a very good baby and very easy to take places!

Mama's friend, Mrs. Tamara made a hair bow for you out of some ribbon from Mama and Daddy's wedding!  One of the *most* thoughtful and special gifts ever!

You sometimes will put yourself to sleep for a nap in your bouncer.  What a blessing.  

We went on another trip this month, to California!  You and Mama and Ducca traveled together and we had a really good trip.  Everyone loved you so much, especially Uncle Chris.  

You and Grandmother got to have some special snuggle time on the swing!

Three generations!

You and I flew from Californiato New Mexico to meet up with David and Daddy and for you to meet Great-Grandad for the first time!  I can't believe I got so few pictures of our time there.  Brother and Dad had both gotten sick though before we got there and we were there for less than 24 hours so it made the whole thing rather hectic.  

Grandad and Cora!  

Grandad thought you were pretty wonderful!  

Look how well you are learning to sit up!

You and Mama after church

You're wearing one of the dresses that Annma lent us.  You look so pretty!

I feel like I am "hopping" being a mama of two.  You guys both seem to need me a lot at the same time.  We are all hanging in there though.  

You absolutely love being on your changing table.  You do a little "dance" a lot of time wriggling all around.   You have found your feet and love to grab them.  

We had several playdates this month at parks and at our house, had dinner with different friends both at our house and at theirs and enjoyed picnics.  

You love your Aunt Mandy and she loves you!  We went on a picnic with them one night for dinner.

You've been taking some good naps this month for which we are really thankful.  Night times are still kind of rough.  I don't think you've slept through the night a single time this month.  Oh, wait, maybe once in New Mexico but we also went to bed really late.  You've been waking up once or twice a night!  ughgh

You are loving your activity gym and can get the toys into your mouth and chew on them ferociously!

You are also doing so great on your tummy and lift your head so high!

Mom doubts have gone through my mind this month as we've wrestled with not much sleeping.  "Is she allergic to dairy like her brother?"  "Am I spoiling her?", etc., etc.

"talking" to Mr. Turtle

sweet baby girl!

You are drooling and chewing so much we wonder if you might be starting to teeth

Your brother continues to love you so much and for the first time this month the two of you are starting to "play" together.  It is the greatest thing to watch!!  I can't wait to continue to get to see it unfold!

Apparently month four wore you out as you finished it out sacked out in Daddy's arms, chewing on his finger at the end of the day!  

We love you sweet baby girl!!


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Mindy S. said...

Oh, the spit up! Katelyn spit up a lot which was a big shock after two babies who NEVER spit up! Look for a stain spray that is called "Totally Toddler". Babies R Us carries it or you can get it online (I think Amazon has it). It works wonders! I can't say that it worked with 100% perfection, but it did save most of Katelyn's baby stuff. I have still found a few things that after storing had stains that reappeared, but most of her clothes did not have stains. Spray it as soon as you take the clothes off of her. And let it sit for at least 5-10 minutes before you wash. It was a huge lifesaver for me since I like to be able to resell all of our baby stuff. :-)

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Having all these amazing photos of her is the next best thing to seeing her for real. She is so adorable. I love all your family photos--thanks for sharing!

Kori said...

I've been wondering about y'all! Love love love the pictures! I see so many different family resemblances in different pictures - I LOVE that! Can't wait to see the next hair stage. :-)

the Whitelaws said...

Great post! Copying the navy/yellow for pictures!