Tuesday, July 30, 2013

while the waffle maker works it's magic . . .

This is my "waiting on the waffle maker" post.  

I could be loading the dishwasher while I wait for that "beep" and the green light but instead I am holding a baby girl and writing a blogpost.  

My mom put together this collage of Cora.  I love her expressions.

I have seen so many beautiful big yellow butterflies lately.  One just landed on my pink cosmos flower outside my window.  

We went to Chick-fil-a last night.  Hooray for summer reading program coupons for free kids' meals and coupons for free nuggets from a baseball game.  We were hilarious parents trying to sneak eating an ice dream while David played in the play area!  We thought we were busted when he came out at one point but he didn't even notice!


I'm back.

Ate waffles with my boy, baked up the rest of the waffles to be frozen for future mornings - still have the waffle maker clean-up ahead of me - ugg - anyone have any great tips for this?

Got Cora down for a nap, got that dishwasher loaded and it is merrily humming along, got the sticky blueberry cleaned off of David (although there are parts of him that are presently stained blue!) and started the Wee Sing Train video for him at his request.

Whew!  Do mornings feel hectic for you even when you "have nothing to do"?  In this season mornings are feeling very hectic.  

I have started setting my alarm for eight hours after I go to bed (even though I have to get up for a middle of the night feeding) to try to get showered and dressed before the kids are up but that is only sometimes working.  Last night it was my fault for not making myself go to bed early enough.

Well, I should get started on the to do list for the day . . . 

there is that waffle maker to clean
I want to take pictures of the nursery to post
got some new books from the library and a reading break could be really nice and relaxing
need to clean out the car to get it detailed soon
etc., etc.  

oh and I think I'm making this for dinner tonight so I should prep that

How is your day going?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Any tips you have for making mornings smooth?

Waffle maker cleaning tips?

Okay!  Have a GREAT one!



Mindy S. said...

I don't have a waffle maker--mainly because there is no easy way to clean them (I really like to put things in the dishwasher). However, I saw a tip recently that has me rethinking the waffle maker. As soon as you are done making waffles and while the waffle iron is still hot place a wet paper towel between the plates and close it. The heat and the moisture will steam most of the stuck on stuff off and after you eat you can just wipe the iron clean with the same wet paper towel. I don't know if it really works or not, but it sounds like it just might do the trick. Let me know how the cashew chicken turns out. I have several recipes for it, but haven't tried one yet. And by the way, Cora is just getting more and more beautiful every day!

Karen said...

Thanks for using the Cora collage in your post. I feel like a real photographer. It helps to have a BEAUTIFUL subject.

Rachel said...

I do the waffle iron clean-up trick mentioned above with a clean wet dishcloth, let it steam for awhile and it gets pretty clean. Our waffle iron died, but I do this with our griddler, too.
For dinner tonight we're having a spiral ham (just couldn't resist it being marked down to 69 cents a pound) with cheesy potatoes, and some kind of veg.
Mornings are hectic here, too. Hang in there.

Heather said...

You're probably not looking for a new appliance, but my waffle maker/griddle (http://www.amazon.com/Black-Decker-G48TD-Grill-Waffle/dp/B000063XH7?tag=ap0a7eddd0-20) requires almost no clean up. It's non-stick and if I lightly oil it before I start, I only have to get a few pieces out after I'm done. Maybe try oiling yours better before you start?

JSH said...

Whaaat?!? You clean your waffle iron? What happened to "seasoning?" HeHe I just disregard the warnings to not get it wet and scrub the sucker. I let it dry for a while then watch for sparks when I use it again. So far so good....