Monday, July 1, 2013

seven minute post

This is a new development in our lives.  David LOVES digging outside!  It has provided hours upon hours of entertainment and I love that for him.  These pictures were taken in early May.  He is digging in the raised garden bed here but NOW are garden beds are full of plants!  Don't worry though, Daddy made a new digging spot for him.

Yesterday we enjoyed a salad with our own Bibb lettuce, arugula and Italian parsley for lunch (as well as some green onion not from our garden and some campari tomatoes from Costco) . . . BUT it won't be too long until we have tomatoes of our own!!  There are at least 11 on the bushes right now, small and green but they are growing!

AND . . . we are getting rain!!  God is so good!

It has been incredible to get four straight days so far of some good rain showers with no hail to pummel a garden or rose bushes.  I have been enjoying cutting roses and bringing them in to grace table tops and counters.  

Our weekend was good.  It seemed to go by FAST, especially Saturday!  One fun thing that happened on Saturday is that I had my first snow cone in Colorado Springs!!  You may recall my love of snow cones and the fact that they apparently didn't exist in Colorado Springs the first two summers we lived here.  

I got peach and egg custard.  It was yummy!  The ice wasn't quite as amazing as it could have been (being a snow cone connoisseur and all) but it was WAY better than the basically just crushed ice kind of snow cone you find at school carnivals and such.

If you're local, the snow cone stand is set up on Academy close to the Dublin intersection by the Spa and Oak place.  You know what I'm talking about?  He said he would be there through the end of September.  I don't know the hours or if he's open 7 days a week or not.  Let me know if you go and what kind you get.  :) 

Okay, I'm off to work on my to do list including trying to figure out preschool for David for next year while Cora is napping in the swing and David is sitting in here with me reading books.  

What's on your to do list right now and what are you up to today?  



BR said...

"Cora is napping in here on the swing."
how wonderful for me to think about her napping in her swing near you. those were very precious (and exhausting) times when Q&R were sleeping in their swings. how very dear.
I'm so glad that David is having fun playing in the dirt. I read something that an architect wrote once that said that a dump truck pile of dirt that his parents gave him for his birthday one year was the one thing he could most attribute to his love for building design.

Kori said...

I must say that I love fresh peaches but the sound of a peach and egg custard snow cone turns my stomach! :-)I'll stick to my farm stand peaches from down the road. :-)
My to do list today was sidetracked by a snake in our pigeon coop and trying to find a man off work to rescue us! Then the dogs got a hold of a blue gel marker and turned themselves (white fur), kennel and then tile floor and my three boys blue! I'm worn out but we did still manage to pull off Hannah's 12th (yikes) birthday dinner with guests - the house just wasn't quite as I had hoped since we had so many detours.
I'm glad you got some good rain and your garden is doing well.

Karen said...

Boys and digging. What could be better. Can't wait for him to see the new digging spot at Naba and Duccas.