Sunday, November 10, 2013

10 on 10 - November 2013

Cora in Bible class with one of our favorite teachers - our picture with our other fun teacher came out all fuzzy :(  

My sweet friend Julie often matches her family's clothes for Sundays as does my friend Ashley.  I like it and admire it but am not "together" enough for all that.  Today after we got to church I realized that David and I coordinated really well!  Yea!

Our small group is studying Mere Christianity.  I hadn't read the chapter yet but found myself "cramming" when I went out to nurse Cora during church.  :)  

driving home

napping baby during small group at our house

playing trains

all hanging out together in the living room

prepping for our waffle potluck tomorrow night

my little kitchen helper


Mindy S. said...

I LOVE to coordinate the family for church on Sunday too. However, I am also not "together" enough to actually organize it. Every once in a while though I will go through and pick out everyone's clothes and when we get to church I notice that we are all wearing something in the same color family. I think that some days I am just in a "mood" where a certain color is the most appealing to me that day and so when I go through the closets that color is what jumps out at me and I don't even realize until I get to church that I picked out the same color for everyone. And then there are those times when I really try to make us all match and it is just really harder than it should be. :-)

BR said...
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BR said...

Love it! I wish I was "together" enough to do ten on ten!

Julie P. said...

That rarely happens for us anymore...4 people is just too many to try to coordinate.