Wednesday, February 19, 2014

double digits! You're ten months old, Cora!

We love you so much!  You are a treasure and a joy!

It has been a really big month and you have been so amazing!  From hours and hours of traction to surgery to the spica cast, you have shown us how it is done with grace!  

You have really taken a leap this month where eating solids is concerned.  I love to watch you eat.  You can attack a whole apple and delicately pick up peas, cheerios and raisins or currants one at a time and pop them in your mouth.  

You love your Nana!  

We were blessed with a bunch of hand me downs and that has been a lot of fun.  

You like going to the library and hanging out with Mama and Brother and you really like attention from your Daddy! 

You like to play with your Ducca and when we were at their house this day you chowed down on roast beef till I thought you wouldn't have any room left!  

You love to sing "God Made the Big Round Sun"  (your favorite part is the birds that fly) and "If You're Happy and You Know It".  You clap at the appropriate places and it just amazes me. 

You got to go with Mama to a baby blessing for one of your little friends and you were prayed over by our prayer sisters group when they found out about your hip displasia.  You were mesmerized by all of them and the attention.  

People constantly comment on how smiley you are and complete strangers tell us how cute and how pretty you are.  You have a way of making people love you.  

You are very persistent and intent and that's one of the many things I love about you.  

You also drink really well out of an open cup.  It is lots of fun to watch you.  

You learned to wave bye bye!

You love to be outside especially if it's windy and you like hiking with us.  

You talk a lot!!  Da da da da da da and we think you say brother too.

You guys are pals for sure!

You love to sit up and play with toys and you have adapted to the cast really well.  I feel bad for you but you will just lay on your back and play since you can't sit up on your own.  

You are really good at one finger and you have begun turning pages of books.  You love when Mama lets you get your hands on a real book.  You also can sit and turn the pages of the cloth book from Great Grandma over and over and over for quite a while.  It is adorable.  

Daddy and I LOVE your hair!  It is so pretty and you are getting so much of it!  

Traction was really hard but we made it through and it was worth it because your hip popped right into place during surgery.  

Cutie pie!  

You are not pulling yourself up yet (quite possibly because of your hip) but you were happy to stand for a few minutes to pose for pictures. 

Your brother loves you very much.  

And you love him!  You get giddy when you see him.  It's really cute!  

As we approached the surgery date (and then the rescheduled surgery date since our surgeon got sick and your original surgery got cancelled minutes before we walked out the door) you came closer and closer to crawling!

cutest little sister ever!

love that tongue that's always out

You've got your two little teeth on the bottom.  

pretty impressed with yourself getting brother's truck 
(photo through the baby gate)

You LOVE the robot vacuum cleaner and are mesmerized watching it.   Sometimes when you are fussy in the late afternoon I will turn it on just so you are happy.  

and getting up on all fours!

You learned to crawl the night before your surgery!  It felt like a gift and was oh so very fun to watch!  Can't wait to see you crawling again sweet girl!  

We will make it through this cast business but Mama is certainly counting down the days!

love you, Cora! 



Kim said...

Loved all the pictures, but especially her and David in matching checkered shirts, oh, and all the tongue pictures! She is precious and what a gift that she is smiling through all of this cast business. Prayers the weeks hurry by until she is healed and on the go again. Love to all! Aunt Kim

Karen said...

I tried to pick a favorite photo and couldn't. I love them all. What a precious angel sweet Cora is.

Mindy S. said...

I am with your mom. Every picture just got cuter and cuter. I LOVE her tongue. So funny!

Jessica H said...

I'm seriously considering getting one of those room vacuums since we have a toddler! Is it worth it? They are pretty pricey. What brand do you have?

Kelly said...

What a sweetie!!! So precious!! Loved reading your update and hope her hips are doing better each day!