Wednesday, April 8, 2015

seven minute post

I really do want to finish up blogging about our Europe trip (why is it always so easy to get bogged down recording big trips?!) and the rest of 2014 but for today, a 7 minute post.  

This baby girl had a birthday and turned TWO!  And unfortunately on the same day her brother had an asthma flair up and went to the dr. then was sent to the ER then was admitted for two nights.  God was so faithful and saw us all through.  He was a champ and we are all thrilled to be back home together again!  

our dining room right now makes me really happy 

We had just been to a friend's house where Cora played with this birthday cake toy non-stop and then I went to the Just Between Friends sale here and found one!  Score!!

This girl is quite the adventurous sort!  

What better day for a fancy skirt than a normal Tuesday trip to Wal-mart?

They made a "wetland habitat" in our backyard.  

So very muddy!

Just a bit over an hour later we were all cleaned up and taking photos at Nana and Ducca's house as we had a postponed Easter celebration since we had been in the hospital all weekend.  

This would have been cute if someone hadn't decided to reach for her nose!  :) 

Such sweet cousins - and can I say that I want a dress for ME like hers?!  So classic, so feminine

Aunt Mandy did a fun craft with the kids making monster eye shirts!  :) 

I hope you all had a very happy Easter!  



BR said...

Awesome photos!!! Your dining room is so pretty! I love those chevron curtains and the perspective is great!
Cora is growing growing! You would look great in a dress like hers! Ruby and I have one matching outfit and it's fun to wear out!

the Whitelaws said...

Oh, My! What an eventful birthday! Glad your boy is feeling much better.

Karen Gibson said...

Love this sweet post. It's hard to believe our little Cora is two. How time flies when you are having so much fun!!!

Melissa said...

I love your dining room, too! So pretty!!

Mindy S. said...

Oh my! Somehow I knew David would be turning five, but forgot all about the fact that Cora has to have a birthday too. Such a big girl. Kori gave that birthday cake to Katelyn for her first birthday. It has also been a favorite around here. It is still not one we can get rid of yet.

And Cora wasn't picking her nose! It was an off center "shhhh". ;-)