Sunday, February 22, 2015

Year in Review - Our big trip - First stop - London!

Quality wise this is a terrible photo but I just love it so much I had to include it.

So the scoop is that Adrian had a conference for work in Amsterdam.  He also has a lot of family in Great Britain and his boss is in Italy SO we decided to all go and make a gigantic work/family visit/vacation trip.  

Twenty seven days of togetherness!  :) 

We left out of Colorado Springs and had a bunch of crazy stuff happen with checking in and then the we boarded and then they had us get off and then we rebounded.  It didn't seem like the best way to start 27 straight days of travel but what can you do?

And just for the record, we normally LOVE flying out of Colorado Springs.  Small, easy airport!!!

We arrived in DFW for a short layover before boarding our overnight plane to London!  

Overnight travel is not my favorite but the kids really did amazingly well and we all made it through!  

We found our hotel and headed out to get some lunch.  The super nice staff at our hotel recommended  Nando's.  It was just down the street from our hotel and it was a GREAT place for us to eat lunch.  They had an allergy menu you guys!  That was huge for an easy first meal.  The food was delicious and it was a very easy atmosphere.  I did notice some other moms with kids there and that day as well as others I noticed that London moms seem to iron their kids' clothes way more than American (or at least Coloradan) moms!  

I couldn't help but snap a photo of the changing table in the restroom either.  "Tidy Bottoms" is a new expression for me and a fun one.  

David and I also LOVED the cute little vacuum we would see in the hallway at our hotel as we came and went.  If we had had room in our suitcase I would have bought one and brought it home!  How happy is that vacuum??!!!

David is wearing his collapsible water bottle on his belt loop.  He was super responsible on this trip with keeping up with his things.  

It was so wonderful to get to meet up with family while we were there.  They met us at the hotel and we went for a walk to a playground.  Cora obviously LOVED the swings!  Everyone had a good time and we had a lovely stroll around the rest of the park right near Buckingham Palace.  

We went to Wagamama for dinner and Cora was obviously a fan!  

Hooray for family!  

I love seeing all of our shoes lined up by the door of the hotel.  I had wanted to take a similar picture at each place we stayed but I gave up on that idea when it felt like too much work.  These shoes covered a LOT of ground!!!

The next morning we were among the last into the hotel's breakfast room to enjoy this feast!  Ahh European breakfasts! 

We were very blessed to enjoy GORGEOUS weather!  We expected rain and cold in England in September but it was beautiful!!!

Cora was walking quite a bit holding hands at this stage of the trip.  She wasn't yet an independent walker.  

England had SUCH cool playgrounds!!!

And blackcurrant capri sun!   Don't see that everyday.  :) 

waiting outside Buckingham Palace

The Museum of Natural History

This was one of my absolute favorite days!!!  The four of us went to the Museum of Natural History and it was spectacular!  I loved that all four of us were engaged.  David was super into it and the museum was great about having knobs and dials and levers and things on various exhibits to make it interactive.  Cora LOVES animals and was excited to see everything and it was a big playground to her to practice her walking cruising along the exhibits.  Adrian and I were learning tons of cool facts we didn't know.  It felt to me as if the vision we have for our family as we embark on homeschooling of learning all together was a reality that day and it was absolutely wonderful!

His favorite Bible story is Jonah and the Whale.

Riding the double decker busses was a REAL thrill for David.  He was completely enthralled!!!

And on top of that we also got to ride Metros!  He was given a couple of gifts with underground symbols and maps on them and he decided then and there that his "4 1/2 year old birthday party" (oh, news to us!) should be "Underground" themed and have a chocolate cake!  

On our last day in London while looking for lunch we passed through this crazy tunnel with paint everywhere including a painting in progress!  

Next stop small town England!

photos in this post taken by both Adrian and I



the Whitelaws said...

I'm excited about traveling with you through this blog series! Two small kiddos on a plane overnight?! You guys are super parents!

the Whitelaws said...

I mean that in the best possible way!

Kelli said...

This looks amazing! I am so jealous of how brave you are in traveling with small children. You guys are an inspiration! We LOVE London! "Mind the gap!"

Kori said...

So many fabulous thoughts! I LOVE this! 27 days...I want to go! :-)

BR said...

Wow!! I'm so glad to see and hear about these adventures!!!!! Nice soft light on David waiting outside bucking ham palace! You're so cute in your jeans and sandals and hat! Cora's smile on the swing - priceless!

Sarah B said...

I've been WAY out of the habit of checking blogs, but I'm trying to do FB less and other stuff I loved London, too! This was a fun post to read so I will be returning for more!!