Monday, February 2, 2015

We STILL love the library!

Remember this post?  

I got a similar set of photos last August . . . 

{he really was happy, he was just a little pensive I think}

And then we moved on to what always happens (now with both kids) when we leave the library . . . climbing on the bike racks or playing "peekaboo" through the "tunnels" they form.  I wish we could have something like this in our backyard!  

And sidenote:  see that patch of tape on the carpet squares in the photo above?  Cora LOVES to step on each and every carpet patch when we go to the library.  She is so obviously delighted each time she steps on one.  


Sharon Wang said...

I love that your library has some grass outside, vs a side walk and then the parking lot. I noticed the patches of tape right away. Too funny that Cora enjoys them so much!

Kori said...

Ooh I'll have to send you some pictures I got. When we were considering a move, we visited the local library. Gotta know the important things before you move! They had an amazing brand new library (shocking for small town AR!)THey had this really cool sign outside that was a metal similar to the bike racks but spelled BOOKS. We got some fun pictures on it. :-)