Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ten on ten (or so) - February 2015

We are on day 7 of a pesky virus with cough and fever and we found out today, a nasty double ear infection for Cora so we have been trying a lot of distractions including balloons in the bath! 

infant tylenol at the ready

For Valentine's week I stuck hearts on everyone's door frames in the night with little notes of love on them.  Disclosure: the only way this actually happened was that I had seen the idea a long time ago, cut out the hearts and wrote them a couple months ago, kept them in a place where I knew where they were and made a note on my calendar to simply stick them on the doors!  If I had had the whole project to do, it wouldn't have happened this week.

I love the days they sleep later than me!

Breakfast before preschool!

Free breakfast for Mama after preschool drop off.  Thank you chickfila for free breakfast Tuesdays in February!  Also got a yogurt parfait for the sweet pathetic girlie.  Trying to tempt her with anything to eat while she's not feeling well.  It is still so crazy after only having a child we couldn't feed dairy to because of his allergy that we can now feed dairy to a child.  And she does love yogurt we've discovered!

poor sick girlie :( 

Thankful for God's grace getting me through the day

another bath . . . thankful to see this smile again for a little while!

David decided that we should have an early Valentine's party after dinner.  Gathering supplies for him to make some decorations after preschool.  (This didn't ever actually happen by the way - keeping things real.)

washi tape adventures during naptime

hand washing after preschool - I can't believe he can reach the sink on his own these days!

poor sweetie only wants to be held by Mama

curled up with her head in my lap on the couch while the three of us read

crazy boy!

sleeping beauty

first time using the kinetic sand!  It was a hit!  Have any of you made your own?

I thought this was pretty creative.  He was making it look like the Colorado flag he said.  Of course it sort of grieves me that he was doing the Colorado flag and not the Lone Star but we do live here . . . 

I hope she is well enough to wear this!  

My mom, Cora and I went to Monument for a girls shopping day last Thursday and I got to check out a new children's consignment shop I'd been wanting to visit.  If you're local, check it out.  SUPER cute, very nice proprietor and great prices!  

getting ready for the new music class I'm starting

seeing green in the kitchen feels good!  Cilantro can be decorative and delicious, right?  

Are you a cilantro lover or hater?  There seems to be no middle ground.  We are lovers including David who requested soup with cilantro on top for dinner tonight.  

red beans and rice for dinner last night (when I took these pics, writing the post a day later, hence soup tonight!  Confusing?)

sooo thankful she is feeling well enough to play!  

And this smile was SUCH a welcome sight!  It has been hiding most of the time lately. 

kids are in bed!  starting a new library book

tired parents sharing the couch 

Thankful for this man and the good husband and daddy he is.

Reading until late!  Super tired but once I got in bed, felt full of adrenaline and couldn't sleep.


Karen Gibson said...

Sweet 10 on 10 post.

Kori said...

So sorry about the sickness! We have had plenty too. Praying everyone feels great now!
We are cilantro LOVERS! One day James and Carter got home while I was making supper. Carter walked in the door and said, "I smell cilantro!" I think that's a sign of how much we use? I think he was 6 at the time. I have a recipe for a super yummy cilantro sour cream sauce for enchiladas. I'll have to send it your way. :-)

BR said...

Great photos for your ten on ten. Your blog is so entertaining. I love Clara kitchen. Cliff claims his favorite food is cilantro. Of course I always say cilantro is an herb not a "food." And then the inevitable, "so cilantro isn't food?" What did you do w your washi tape? It's so pretty!

BR said...

Cilantro is cliffs favorite food.
Corals kitchen is awesome!
You're such a sweet mama.
You and Adrian look good to me.
Nice light on the hand washing picture!
We made homemade kinetic sand but it didn't turn out as pretty as yours because we got dark sand. It was john Charles project w the kids one day!
Sorry about the flag. It did look great though.
Sweet kissing picture!