Monday, February 9, 2015

Year in Review - August

Okay, if I don't hurry up and finish this year in review it is going to be 2016!  

The day David decided to play garbage man . . . 

first ponytail!!!!  eeeeee!!!!

I love every bit of this

We took these two to the children's museum in Denver.  David LOVES any mention of a children's museum!  Does your town have a great one that we should visit?

That night that I went to Moms Night Out with my MOPS group at Panera and nothing looked good there but I had been "saving up" for a treat (calories, sugar . . . ) so I decided what really sounded good was ice cream and next thing I knew I found myself in Sprouts on the way home and they were having a sale on all of their frozen goods and well, I walked away with all three of these.  AND THEN I ended up in the check out line (at 10 p.m.!) right behind a guy from our church and I felt the need to make sure he knew no, I was not pregnant, I just wanted to buy a bunch of ice cream . . . whew!

Saturday morning family fun downtown

wearing shoes seemed to suddenly turn her into a big girl!  

We have really been enjoying homemade pizza around these parts this year.  I tried making a Friday night homemade pizza tradition and we do it sometimes but I am not super good at sticking with things like that I think.  

One day our cousin Aaron came over to play 

and it was such a beautiful sunny day

and these two are sooo creative together and like to get into the craft supplies

I agreed to glitter if it was outside  . . . 

AND gave them each a whole jar and a whole bottle of glue

and yeah . . . really glad I said outside!  :) 

They had SO much fun!

and we ended up with this pirate ship.

And then there was labor day weekend.  I guess we decided to go "all american" this summer and bookend the summer with road trips both three day weekends.  Over Labor Day we moved my brother and sister-in-law and CUTIE little niece who I got to meet for the first time (!) to their new home.  The first night our family of four spent in a hotel in Denver where my bil and sil flew in and we began our road trip to move them from there.  

We blessedly had a suite so the kids were in one room and Mama and Daddy were in another.  And there was a kitchen, with a freezer . . . SO we picked up a pint of Ben and Jerry's at Wal-mart on the way to the hotel and then had a treat after bedtime!  And a few bites for breakfast the next morning.  :) 

hmm . . . I guess I am detecting an ice cream theme in August!  

mid road trip picnic the next day with the cousins hanging out for the first time

And can I just say I LOVE picnicking on road trips.  

When I was going through photos I *could not* figure this one out.

Then it dawned on me, it was her first selfie!  I had noticed her playing with my phone at one point and realized she had taken a string of photos of herself.  Look at that hair and how pleased she looks.  

When you've just moved in and you don't have a high chair yet . . . 

You improvise with boxes!  It worked great and the kids loved it.  

David decided to take his out on the balcony

Three happy cousins!  

And these two . . . oh my these two LOVE hotel rooms!  They bring out the hyper in them and it is really a lot of fun!  

Pretty girlie holding her daddy and brother's hands before church

Look at those curls!  

This crazy boy put the turtle stool from when I was little on top of an overturned bucket to watch a video on.  Funny boy.  

Despite all the talk of ice cream so far in this post, I began watching how much sugar I was eating because I was eating TOO much and it was really just a matter of my being selfish and wanting what I wanted when I wanted it.  This is a photo of some quinoa for breakfast . . . that has been one of the hardest places for me to change habits, I was used to having sweets for breakfast everyday.  And yes, the oj is still full of sugar but that was a rare treat.  Baby steps.  

They began playing outside together!  It is sooo much fun!!!

Back at the children's museum (my photos loaded out of order but it is too late at night to spend time rearranging)

Such fun times!

and she got in there like a big kid

I think he liked it

Teddy bear toast - thank you pinterest

Sunbutter on top and peanut butter on bottom, bananas, raisins

We went to the zoo!!!  

Cora was so brave and wanted to feed the giraffes.  She loved it!

A friend gave me an old shutter and I decided to make a little yard art/organization for David's digging tools out of it . . . only trouble is the wind knocked it down and he prefers for his things not to be cutsy and with ribbons tied on.  oh well

playing in the pool

my Sweetie and my mom made "variety plates" for us growing up . . . I'm carrying on the tradition

we spent a LOVELY morning at the park with some old and new friends.  This particular park doesn't have a playground and for some reason I feel like it is just "our park".  I LOVED how the boys played and used their imaginations and had such a great time together without equipment.  

Happy first day of (pre) school!!!  

Trying to do pictures like I've seen online.  

Here is the real life version . . . 

I had him write his own name on the chalkboard you know, so you can see their cute handwriting.  His handwriting *is* cute and is also TINY on this day on this chalkboard so you really can't even see it!  :) 

And don't worry, this expression doesn't mean he was nervous or unhappy about going to school - he loves it - he just was dubious about his Mama's crazy requests for photos.  :) 

He'd really rather be digging in the dirt than taking photos!  

in his classroom

discovered this new to me place when we were driving around after school with a sleeping little one.  Want to check it out sometime.  Any of you locals ever been?

Library summer reading program coupon getting used for a first day back to school treat!  

Train tracks and backwards shirts . . . four years old

Someone is trying to push buttons on brother's cd player in his room (and standing on a library book!) 

and back to that Sunday before church, this time with Mama

Summertime feels like a long way off right now but it will come again!  



Sharon Wang said...

So much fun stuff in this post! Cora's first selfie, Teddy bear toast (probably going to use that idea myself, thanks!) and boxes for high chairs. LOVE!

Kim said...

Lots of precious pictures - loved Cora's Sunday dress!